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What year was Neighbours first broadcast in Australia?
Which long-standing character appeared in the first eve episode?
Who was the coffee shop named after?
What was the name of the dog who belonged to Mike, then Nell Mangel?
Who got married in 1987?
When did the Kennedys arrive in Ramsay Street?
What is the name of Jim Robinson's mother in law?
Who invented the 'shrugalero'?
Who got shot immediately after getting engaged?
Who is the local law expert?
Who was the Lassiters bar named after?
Who died in the hotel death trap explosion to save Daniel Robinson?
Who died in a horse riding accident?
Who did Susan Kennedy famously slap?
Who earned a living delivering gorillagrams?
Which pregnant character died in a shooting accident?
Which character died on their wedding day?
Which couple had triplets?
Who had relationships with two brothers, leaving her unsure which was the father of her baby?
Who returned as a ghost for the Neighbours 30 year anniversary?
Which hairdresser lived at number 26?
What was the name of Bridget and Declan's daughter?
Who married a stripper?
Where did Karl and Susan remarry?
Who was left at the altar by Marc Lambert?
Who is left unable to have children after a motorbije accident?
Who does Toadie adopt?
Who does Carmella Cammeniti have a daughter with?
Who had to arrest their fiance on their wedding day?
What is the name of Karl and Susan's pet bird?

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