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Hyperion Pilgrims
Priest in the dying catholic church 
FORCE:Space commander 
Poet and author 
The Wandering Jew 
Private detective 
The True Voice of the Tree 
Diplomat for the web 
Daughter of the wandering jew, afflicted with Merlin's sickness 
Major Characters
The Avatar of Pain 
CEO of the Hegemony 
Another Catholic Priest, sent to Hyperion. Along for the ride, in a sense, with the other pilgrims 
Cybrid version of an old earth poet 
TechnoCORE liason 
Daughter of the private investigator / messiah figure 
Narrator of the final 2 books 
Father-captain assigned by Pax to track down the private investigator's daughter 
New soldier created to track down the main characters in the final 2 books 
Blue android accompanying the main characters in the final 2 books 
post-humans living outside of the hegemony 
AI Factions
TechnoCore faction that favors the status quo co-existence with humans 
TechnoCore faction that favors eliminating the human race 
TechnoCore faction that favors focusing resources on creating an ultimate intelligence 
Interstellar treeship piloted by the True Voice of the Tree 
Home of the shrike and the time tombs 
Home world of the templars 
Capital world of the hegemony 
Birth planet of the Wandering Jew, home to several colleges and universities 
Destroyed in the Big Mistake of '08 
Home planet of the Palestininans and home to FORCE headquarters 
An industrial world with high gravity, home world of the Private Detective 
Industrial slum world where the poet briefly lived 
Ocean world with motile isles. Home of Siri's rebellion 
Desert planet that serves as home to the Jews 
Muslim planet 
Ice covered planet inhabited by nomadic bands. 
A mountainous world with acid seas 
Homeworld to the catholic church's headquarters 
Alien Races
Alien species native to Hebron, nearly wiped out by the hegemony 
Disc-like, floating species that ride air currents. A space-faring race that has colonized many planets 
Symbiotic partners of the above alie race (sky squids) 
Sentient creatures that can create containmet fields and used to propel Templar treeships 
A cross-like parasite that stores the hosts genetic information and memories 
A teleporter, used to connect various places in the world-web 
The cloud of information around earth 
Communications medium that transcends space and time 

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