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Lost In Come and Covered in CakeThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Like Tiny Daggers up to HeavenDanger Days
Elevators Colder Than a CellI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
They Can Fix Me Proper With A Bit of LuckThe Black Parade
Counting Down The Days To GoThe Black Parade
And They Found You On The Bathroom Floor!Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
We've Only Got One Chance To Put This at an EndI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Think Happy ThoughtsI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Girl You've Got To Be What Tomorrow NeedsDanger Days
I Was Killing Before Killing Was CoolThe Black Parade: B-Sides
I'm Losing Myself and I Miss My MomThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Rip Out Our Necks, I Saw You ThereI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Only Go So Far 'Til You Bury ThemThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
This Ain't a Party, Get Off The Dance FloorDanger Days
I Wouldn't Front The Scene if You Paid MeThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Ain't a DJ Gonna Save My SoulParty Posion Demo
Gravity Don't Mean Too Much To MeDanger Days
You are Never Coming Home, Never Coming HomeThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
So, Paint It Black and Take it BackThe Black Parade
Yeah I Drink Juice When I'm Killing Cause It's F**king DeliciousThe Mad Gear And Missile Kid
We're Dead Flies in The SummertimeDanger Days
It Was The Roar of The Crowd That Gave Me Heartbreak To SingThe Black Parade
The Angels Just Cut Out Her Tongue, Call Her Black MariahThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Covered In Ash, Covered In GlassDanger Days
You've Got Maybe Just Two Weeks To LiveThe Black Parade
Hand In Mine, Into Your Icy BluesI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Every Hour, On The Hour, They Drew BloodI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
This is How We Like To Do It On The Murder SceneThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
I Hope You're Ready For a Firefight, Cuz The Devil's Got Your Number TonighDanger Days
Sometimes, I Cry So Hard From PleadingThe Black Parade
Move Your Body When The Sunlight DiesDanger Days
Come Crashing Down, We'll Hear The Sound, As Your Falling DownThe Black Parade: B-Sides
They're Selling Postcards of The HangingThe Watchmen Soundtrack
You're Never Gonna Fit In Much, KidThe Black Parade
I Can't Help But Think I'll Die AloneI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
We've Got The Obvious Team, We'll Show Em What We All MeanDisenchanted Demo
You Got Your Rickety Bones, I Got My Rickety HandsThe Mad Gear And Missile Kid
When I Tell You, That Someone Out There Loves YouThe Black Parade Is Dead
I'll Sing About It If You Ask Me To!Yo Gabba Gabba!
Check Into The Hotel Bella MuerteThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Now, Come One, Come All, To This Tragic AffairThe Black Parade
From The Razor To The Rosary, We Could Lose Ourselves, And Paint These Walls In Pitchfork RedThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Drain All The Blood, And Give The Kids A ShowThe Black Parade
You Can't Touch My Brother, and You Can't Keep My FriendsI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
There Might Be Something Outside Your WindowDanger Days
She Said Come On, Come On, Kiss My BatteryThe Mad Gear And Missile Kid
I'm Writing This Letter and Wishing You WellThe Black Parade
I Just Want You For My Own, More Than You Could Ever KnowMariah Carey Cover
I'll Be Your Surgeon, Your Proctor, Your HelicopterDanger Days
Synthetic Animals Like Me Never Have a HomeDanger Days: B-Side
Don't You Breath For Me, Undeserving of Your SympathyThe Black Parade
Dressed In Red and Blue, I SqueezedI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Now, I Know That I Can't Make You Stay, But Where's Your Heart?The Black Parade
Pick Up The Phone, Pick Up The Phone F**kerLife On The Murder Scene
On The Telephone, On The Methane DoorDanger Days: B-Side
I'm Gonna Live My Life To Destroy Your WorldThe Misfits Cover
You Know That Big Ball of Radiation We Call The Sun?Danger Days
Just Like The Hearse, You Die To Get in AgainThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
When The Lights Go Out, Will You Take Me With You?Danger Days
In Saying You Loved Me, Made Things Harder At BestI Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
So, What's Your Favorite Color PunK?The Black Parade: B-Sides
Pressure, Pushing Down On MeDavid Bowie Cover w/ The Used
Bad News From The Zones, TumbleweedsDanger Days
Get The Choir Boys Around You, It's a Compliment, I SwearThe Black Parade
Well, If You Wanted Honesty, That's All You Had To SayThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
3...2...1, We Came To F**kDanger Days
Another Knife In My Hands, A Stain That Never Comes Off The SheetsThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge
They Hold In Our Hearts, The Sword and The FaithLife On The Murder Scene
Cuz You Wanna Live Forever In The Lights You MakeDanger Days
Welcome To The InstitutionDemo/Unreleased
If I Crash On The Couch, Can I Sleep In My Clothes?The Black Parade
Oh You Look So Tired. Your Mouth Is Slack and WideMorissey Cover (Live)
Now That It's Raining More Than Ever, Know That We'll Still Have Each OtherRihanna Cover (Live)
I Got My Head Checked By A Jumbo JetBlur Cover (Live)
I Just Stand There, Not Looking At YouDemo/Unreleased/Other
I Just Wanna Heal Tonight, There's An Ache In My HeartOther (Live) (Fan Named)
Grab A Seat And Watch Each Other Kill One AnotherOther (Live at The Roxy)
I Took Here To A Supermarket, I Don't Know WhyPulp Cover (Live)
You Fought The World, It Don't Seem RightOther (Live at The Roxy)
It Ain't Me, It Ain't Me, I Ain't No Fortunate OneCCR Cover (Live)

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