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Use a line from the TV show/movie that the quiz is about.
Example: OMG, I love Forrest Gump! I want to be just like him when I grow up!
Life is like a box of _________!
Mention the country of __________. Apparently, that stupid joke never gets old.
Be the quiz _______ and say something trite like 'Thanks for the publish, Sporcle! ;)'
Point out the super-obvious.
Example: OMG, a quiz about colors and you included ___. That is actually a color!!!
Note that you missed the near-impossible question that everybody else missed too.
Example: Who else didn't know that 923.4 * 7! * e^​x * √π * 0 = __?
Praise the quiz. Example: OMG, this quiz is AWESOME!!!!! I rate this ____ globes/sporcle orbs! I want this quiz read out loud at my funeral!!!!
Say you love the subject matter of the quiz.
Example: OMG, a Thriller album quiz?!? I LOVE _______ _______! Some day I'm going to have his babies!!!!!!!
Come up with alternate answers that only work if you live on an island.
Example: We doun't counsider them French Fries ouverseas here in my couuntry. Please accept _____.
Bring attention to a typo.
Example: You DEFINATLY misspelled a word. Its supposed to be spelled ____.
If all else fails, contact a few thousand of your closest friends and have them vote for you.
It's the same thing that Taylor Hicks must have done when he won ________ ____.
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