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an organized refusal to buy or use certain products, as a way to protest or change a political or business policy (the colonists used this against the British)
refers to the right to have the political interests of a community or area spoken for by an elected official in a government body; the rallying cry of the Sons of Liberty and other
a person who is chosen to go to a conference (a meeting) and represent a larger group of people
the name given to an act of political protest by American colonists, directed against the economic policies of Great Britain, in which colonists destroyed many crates of tea on shi
goods or merchandise produced in one country that are then shipped to and sold in another country.
a secret organization of American patriots who engaged in acts of protest and resistance before and during the Revolutionary War.
a law passed by the British Parliament in 1766 in response to the repeal of the Stamp Act; reasserted Parliament’s right to pass laws in the colonies.
goods or merchandise brought into a country or region from another country.
the Sons of Liberty first met under this large elm tree in Boston to protest the Stamp Act in 1765; these meeting places were created in other colonies as meeting place for Patriot
a law passed in 1765 by Parliament that imposed a direct tax on the colonies; required all documents, permits, contracts, newspapers, and other written materials to be marked with
the name given to an incident that took place on March 5, 1770, in which five civilians were killed by British soldiers; it is one of the events that helped spark the American Revo

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