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TreeStateLatin Name
Single-leaf Pinyon, Bristlecone PinePinus monophylla, Pinus longaeva
Tulip TreeLiriodendron tulipifera
Black Hills SprucePicea glauca
* BuckeyeAesculus glabra
Southern MagnoliaMagnolia grandiflora
Red MapleAcer rubrum
Piñon PinePinus edulis
Red PinePinus resinose
Eastern HemlockTsuga canadensis
Western White PinePinus monticola
Northern Red OakQuercus rubra
* Blue SprucePicea pungens
Ponderosa PinePinus ponderosa
Flowering dogwoodCornus florida
Bald CypressTaxodium distichum
Sitka SprucePicea sitchensis
Blue SprucePicea pungens
Eastern CottonwoodPopulus deltoides
TreeStateLatin Name
Sabal PalmSabal palmetto
Candlenut TreeAleurites moluccana
American ElmUlmus americana
Western HemlockTsuga heterophylla
Plains CottonwoodPopulus deltoides
Douglas-firPseudotsuga menziesii
Coast Redwood, Giant SequoiaSequoia sempervirens, Sequoiadendron gigantium
White OakQuercus alba
Blue Palo VerdeParkinsonia florida
Southern Live OakQuercus virginiana
Eastern White PinePinus strobus
Sugar MapleAcer saccharum
Bur OakQuercus macrocarpa
Eastern RedbudCersis canadensis
PecanCarya illinoinensis
American White BirchBetula papyrifera
American HollyIlex opaca
Longleaf PinePinus palustris

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