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QUIZ: Can you name the Hunger Games Characters by Limerick?

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Forced Order
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I want to be ruler of all
Can't wait 'till the Capitol falls
Whatever it takes
I won't put on the brakes
I'll kill children and they'll all applaud
I used my teeth to get ahead
I bit people, and then they bled
I gave much advice
Survived the games twice
And ended up not being dead
Could have made a living peacekeeping
But instead volunteered at the reaping
Almost killed lover boy
The girl on fire's toy
The wolf mutts kept me from breathing
My love for Katniss is unrequited
I was happy when we were reunited
She taught me to hunt
She always is blunt
When she wed, I felt very slighted
With Haymitch I get very drunk
I put Katniss into a funk
My hand's amputated
My death's complicated
Brutus took off my head in one chunk
I won the games so I should be happy
Except now I feel very crappy
Some call me insane
But it's very plain
When Finnick's around I'm not snappy
I volunteered for poor Annie
Some people call me a granny
Finnick I mentored
Katniss I tempered
That fog was very uncanny
Although I was great, big, and strong
I thought killing children was wrong
Saved Miss Everdeen
Killed the vile bratty teen
Cato killed me and off went the bong
I'm sold to people for pleasure
But I always receive a treasure
Secrets I'm told
Knowledge is gold
Used a trident to kill for good measure
I'm the smartest victor ever
I invent and I am very clever
In work I use bolts
Some call me Volts
And I'll love Wiress forever
I'm sweet, charming, and funny
I'm famous and have lots of money
Make the tributes serene
We discuss their cuisine
The lamb stew is very yummy
I'm a healer, just like my mom
Under pressure, I am very calm
Picked for the games
'I volunteer,' Katniss proclaims
I died when they set off the bomb

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