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Can you name the NHL Top Scorers Since 1999-2000?

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Bos, SJ1379
Cgy, Pit, Bos, Col1167
Ott, Atl, Pit, Det, Chi1103
Pit, Wsh, NYR, Phi, Dal, Bos, NJ, Fla1059
SJ, Tor1052
Cgy, TB, NYR1031
Ott, Det947
TB, Dal, NYR, Chi, Det932
Car, NYR, Min922
TB, Phi, LA921
Phx, Ari910
Ott, Dal888
Col, Cgy, Mtl, TB, Cgy, Col, Ari863
Atl, NJ816
Fla, Clb, Det, Car, Phx, Dal814
Anh, SJ, Col, Anh813
Min, NYR, Clb, LA794
Mtl, Dal, Wsh, Phx, Nsh793
Atl, Ott, SJ, Min, Anh791
Clb, NYR771
NJ, NYR, Mtl, SJ, Fla, NJ, StL, Ott756
NYI, Fla, Phx, Cgy, NYR, Cgy, Wpg, Nsh, Tor, StL729
Pit, NYR, Mtl, Ott, Pit, Fla708
Edm, NYI, Col, LA, Edm706
Buf, NYI, Mtl, Min, Det, Fla697
Phi, Pit, Car, Pit, Atl, TB, Bos691
Ott, Fla, TB, Anh, TB, Phi, TB, NYR, Clb689
Nsh, Phi, Clb683
Phi, Car, LA, Wsh682
Wsh, Bos, Pit, Ott, Dal, Mtl681
Phx, Buf, Phi, Mtl, Col673
Buf, Min662
Atl, Min, Col, Min, Chi662
NJ, Min661
Van, Fla, Det, Anh, Cgy, Det659
Van, NYR658
Cgy, Atl, Bos655
Phi, Clb, LA650
Bos, Tor, Pit649
Dal, Det639
Anh, Fla, Car, NYR, Car, Ott, Min, Nsh, Pit637
Tor, Van634
Tor, Chi, Nsh, Pit, Phx, NJ632
NJ, Dal, Nsh, NJ, Wsh, StL630
Mtl, Anh630
Nsh, Det, Ott, Buf618
LA, Cgy, Mtl, Cgy, NJ613
Anh, Col, Nsh, StL611
Col, Car, Chi, Phx, TB, Phx, Van, Ari609
Phi, TB, LA, Phi, Bos601
Phi, Chi, Dal599
StL, LA, Min, Van598
Fla, TB, SJ, NYR597
NYI, Ott, Bos595
Ott, Chi, Min, SJ, NJ, StL594
Col, StL593
NJ, Mtl, Buf588
Phi, Phx, Cgy, Phx588
NJ, Col, Bos, Min, NJ, NYI, Bos587
Ott, Nsh585
Anh, Atl, Anh, Pit581
Pit, Wsh, Det, Chi, Mtl, Phx579
Dal, Pit, StL, TB575
Edm, Ott, Dal572
Col, Cgy, Buf, NYR571
NJ, Anh, NYR, Edm, Pit, Min, NJ568
Nsh, Phi, Chi559
Cgy, StL, TB, Car, Ott, Fla, Car558
Phx, StL, Atl, StL556
Det, NYR, NJ553
Van, Anh551
Buf, NYI, Pit, Bos550
Edm, Bos, Dal, StL, SJ, NYI, Pit549
Edm, StL, Car, StL, Anh, NYI548
Dal, TB, Car, Pit, Fla546
NJ, Van, Anh, Dal, Wsh, Cgy, Chi546
Nsh, Wsh, Phx, Ari545
Tor, Bos, Car, Mtl541
Car, Edm, Car, Mtl, Dal, Det532
Tor, StL532
Dal, Bos, Van528
Buf, Dal, Van, StL, Nsh, Edm524
Dal, NJ, Dal, StL523
Mtl, Wsh, Buf, NJ, SJ521
Wsh, Car, Mtl517
NJ, Det515
Bos, Atl, Wpg514
Det, Buf, Atl512
StL, Edm, Anh, Phi512
Edm, Dal, Anh511
Chi, Buf, Nsh508
Det, Anh, Clb, Wsh507
SJ, Bos, StL, Buf, NYI, Fla, Tor505
Buf, SJ, Chi, Fla, Chi504
NYR, Bos, Phi, Wsh, Phi499
Ott, Clb, Phx, Chi, Ari, Anh499
Min, SJ499
StL, Bos498
Car, Chi, Atl, Wpg, Chi, NYI497
LA, Edm, Anh, NYI495
Anh, StL489
Clb, Phi488
Phi, LA, Wsh487
LA, NYI, Tor, Anh485
Nsh, Mtl485
TB, Chi, Wsh, Bos, NYR, Wsh, 485
Mtl, Bos, Dal, Mtl, NJ484
Phi, Car481
Bos, Edm, Mtl, Chi, Car, Fla473
Anh, Ott472
StL, Phx, Phi, Chi, LA, SJ, Chi467
Tor, NYR, Atl, Wpg465
StL, Edm, Buf463
NJ, Anh463
Cgy, Tor, Ott462
StL, Tor, Phx, Cgy, Pit, NYR, Wpg, NJ, Bos, Car460
LA, Col, LA, SJ454
LA, Bos452
Dal, Pit, Nsh451
SJ, Tor, Phx, Cgy, Min451
Fla, Cgy, Clb451
Chi, Atl, Wpg449
Bos, LA, Edm447
SJ, Ott, Tor446
Fla, NYR, Edm, StL, Fla, Atl, Dal, Anh, Car445
Col, Phi, Nsh, Col445
StL, Cgy, LA, Cgy442
Nsh, Min442
Pit, Car436
Mtl, NYI, Phi, Pit434
Atl, Wpg432
Chi, Tor, Fla, NYR432
Wsh, Det431
NYI, Buf, Tor431
Det, TB, Phi430
Det, Cgy, Fla, Dal428
Bos, Dal427
Phx, Phi, LA, Phx, SJ423
Fla, Det423
Pit, LA, NYR422
Fla, Bos, Clb421
Anh, Edm, Phi, Anh, Tor420
SJ, Bos, LA, Wsh, Van, Fla419
StL, Wsh417
Nsh, Min, NJ, Det, NYI417
NYI, Buf414
Phx, Ari, NYR, Fla410
Min, NYR, Atl, Pit409
NYR, Clb408
Van, Phx, Fla406
Edm, Clb, Wsh, NYI402
Edm, Ari, Phi, Clb402
Tor, Cgy401
Buf, Wpg, Bos400
LA, Phi398
NYR, LA, Det, Anh, Atl, Mtl, Van, Phx398
LA, NYR397
Van, Wsh, Pit, Min396
Van, Ott395
Buf, Atl395
Edm, NYI, Cgy, Mtl, Wsh, NYR395
Fla, NJ, NYI, Wsh394
TB, Tor, Col393
Phi, Clb, Phi392
Fla, Cgy, StL391
Chi, Phx, Phi, Cgy390
NYI, Det390
Edm, LA, NYR, Min388
LA, Bos, LA, Fla388
StL, Bos, Fla, Wsh, Cgy387
TB, Clb, LA, Atl, Cgy386
Ott, Mtl, Nsh385
LA, Pit382
Clb, NYR, Ott382
LA, Col, Cgy, Phx, Fla382
Edm, NJ381
Edm, Phx, Det378
StL, Edm, Pit, Anh, StL378
Ott, NYI378
Ott, NYR, StL, Bos376
Wsh, Dal, TB, LA, Mtl, Wsh, NYR, Mtl, Phx373
Pit, TB, NYR370
Col, Tor, Car, Bos370
Car, Tor369
LA, NYI, Buf, Min, Buf369
Ott, Clb367
Chi, Phi, Ott, Min, Atl, NYR367
Phi, TB, NYI, Pit, NYR, Phi366
Edm, Phi, Phx, Ott, NYI, Edm, Ott, Pit365
Nsh, Pit362
LA, Ott, Chi, Van, Mtl362
TB, Tor, Atl, TB, Phi362
Col, Buf361
Cgy, Col, Phx, NYR, Bos, Phx361
LA, Car, Atl, Min, Wsh, Phx, Edm358
Min, NYI356
TB, Fla, Ott, Clb, Phx, StL, Nsh, NYI353
NYR, TB351
Fla, NYI, LA, Min, Dal, TB, Buf350
Chi, Tor, Phi, Fla, Chi, Car, LA, Cgy350
Wsh, Ott, Atl, Chi347
NJ, Chi, Min, Fla347
Dal, Det, Phx346
SJ, NYR, Pit, Fla, Det, Van, Fla, Det346
NJ, NYR, Atl, NJ346
Chi, Car, NJ346
Fla, Chi, Clb, Edm, Buf, Mtl, Car340
Phi, Tor339
Tor, Mtl, Nsh, Phx, Tor, Chi339
SJ, Van, Buf, Pit, LA, Chi339
Wsh, Col, Fla, Anh, Mtl, Chi335
SJ, Bos, Cgy, LA, Det, SJ, Col335
Wsh, Mtl, Wsh, NYI, Fla333
Mtl, NYR, Cgy, Fla, Van333
Edm, Anh333
NYR, Edm, Phx, Phi, Edm333
Fla, Min, TB, Ott, Fla332
Ott, Wsh, Tor331
StL, Dal, Col330
Edm, Clb, Anh328
Phx, Ari, Min326
Tor, Pit, LA, Car, NJ, Wpg323
NYR, Edm, NYI, Phi, Phx, Clb322
Bos, Edm, NYR, Wsh, LA, Van, Clb, Car320
Ott, Van, TB320
Chi, Wsh, StL, Cgy319
Van, TB, NYI, Chi, Cgy, Phx, Clb319
Nsh, Van, Dal319
LA, Det, LA318
Van, NJ, Tor, NJ318
Mtl, Nsh318
NJ, Pit, SJ318
Chi, Cgy, Mtl, Anh, Clb, Col316
Car, Tor, Fla, Pit, TB314
Nsh, Car, Wsh313
Pit, Dal, Ari313
Car, Tor312
Phx, Ott311
Fla, Chi Wpg, Cgy311
StL, Phx, Dal, LA311
Anh, Edm, LA, Anh, Wsh310
LA, Ott, Car, Wsh, Car, Bos, Car, Ott310
SJ, NYR, NJ309
Pit, NYR, Phx, Chi309
LA, TB, Edm, Fla, LA309
Edm, NYR, NYI, Wsh306
SJ, Ott305
Col, StL, Buf, Min, Anh, Min305
Buf, Atl, Tor, Ott304

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