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'We're not the only ones on the island and we all know it.' 'Don't tell me what i can't do!'
'John Locke killed my brother, will you do something about that?' 'You don't! No-one does. They think that I'm some kind of joke. They think I'm worthless.'
'My names Henry Gale, I'm from Minnesota!' 'It happened because you left.'
'We have to go back!' 'If we don't live together, we're gonna die alone.'
'Let's just say getting you people off the island isn't our primary objective.' 'It doesn't matter what we do; whatever happened, happened.'
'I'm not crazy.' 'We never should have left that island!'
'Do not speak my brothers name.' 'Take me to the plane'
'And guess what, I just shot a bear!' 'Well hey there freckles' '
'That's my right, it's a father's right' 'Waaaaalt!'
'And if you think that one gun and one bullet is is going to stop them, think again.' 'Oh, and Libby says hi'
'Oh I don't make the sandwiches, I just put the toothpicks in them.' 'Because you broke his hear Kate, there are cameras at the cages.'
'Don't press that button Mr. Locke,' 'Vincent took care of me when my mom died, and nobody would talk to me. They'd pretend like nothing happened. So I'd talk to Vincent. He's a go
'If you had spent the last few years doing the things I have been doing you would be paranoid too.' 'And I am a torturer.'
'You taste like fish biscuit.' 'It belonged to the man i killed!'
'We're going to have to take the boy.' 'The island won't let you die.'
'You don't know what my husband is capable of.' 'What happens to pregnant women on the island?'
'My husband isn't dead!' 'For what happened to Claire; It's not your fault, you did everything that you could do and you came very close to dying yourself.'
'I love you Penny.' 'See ya in another life brotha.'
'I'm a bloody rock god!' 'Guys, where are we?'
'Peanut butter, I love peanut butter.' 'He tried to take my baby!'

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