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Can you name the Original Titles that These Futurama Episodes are Based on?

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EpisodeOriginal TitleType of Media
Spanish FryA Fictional Afrodisiac
Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles1990s Cartoon TV Show
BenderamaTV Show that Aired in 1999
The Silence of the ClampsAnthony Hopkins Movie
Law and Oracle1990s Crime Drama
The Day the Earth Stood StupidKeanu Reeves Appeared in the Remake of this Movie
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove BackWhoopi Goldberg Movie
Yo Leela LeelaChildren's TV Show
Insane in the MainframeLyric from a Cypress Hill Song
A Tale of Two SantasCharles Dickens Novel
Cold WarriorsNonviolent Confrontation that Took Place Between the USA and the Soviet Union
Parasites LostJohn Milton Novel
A Head in the PollsPopular Political Saying
The Cyber House RulesJohn Irving Novel
Jurassic BarkSpielberg Movie, May Have Been Based on a True Story
A Fishful of DollarsClint Eastwood Movie
A Clockwork OriginStanley Kubrick Movie
EpisodeOriginal TitleType of Media
Raging BenderRobert De Niro Movie
A Flight to RememberWalter Lord Novel
Bender's GameOrson Scott Card Book
The Honking1981 Werewolf Movie
The StingRedford, Newman Oscar Winning Movie
GodfellasRay Liotta Movie
Fry and the Slurm FactoryGene Wilder Movie (also a Book)
Bendin' in the WindBob Dylan Song
Love's Labours Lost in SpaceShakespeare Play
The Luck of the FryfishPopular Irish Saying, or a Bad Disney Movie
Mobius DickBook about a Big Whale
War Is the H-WordPopular Saying about War
The Birdbot of Ice-CatrazBurt Lancaster Movie
I, RoomateIsaac Asimov Short Story
Proposition InfinityCongressional Bill Calling for Gay Rights
Where the Buggalo RoamTerrible Campfire Song, or a Hunter S. Thompson Book
Lrrreconcilable NdndifferencesSaying about Types of Problems

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