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v. To collect or gather; to acquire or obtain.
n. A natural talent.
n. Scarcity; smallness in number or amount.
adj. Felt strongly, as if in the viscera.
v. To flash or sparkle.
v. To make uneasy by confusing or embarrassing a person.
adj. Easily managed or controlled.
v. To show or feel understanding of another’s feelings or problems.
adj. Enjoying the company of others; sociable.
n. The ancient world, especially before the Middle Ages.
adj. Plain to see; evident.
n. Skill in the use of hands or mind.
adj. Aggressive; eager to fight or quarrel.
adj. Not thick; slender.
n. An uproar; a state of great anger or excitement.
n. An offer.
adj. Having a feeling of opposition or distaste.
adj. Not straightforward; insincere.
n. Misfortune; hardship.
adj. Not favorable; unlucky.
adj. Coming into existence swiftly, suddenly, brightly, like a meteor.
n. An amazing or extraordinary thing or event.
v. To represent as of little value.
adj. Very many.
v. To clothe or dress.
v. To ask for in a formal way.
adj. So self-satisfied that one sees no need for change; unconcerned.
adj. Real; able to be touched.
v. To be lively and witty.
adj. Incapable of being penetrated.
adj. Existing as a natural part of something.
n. Comfort or relief in sorrow or distress; consolation.
adj. Comical because of strangeness; clownish.
n. The power to attract or charm.
adj., adv. Without payment; free of charge.
v. To come out from a source.
n. A welcome gift or blessing.
adj. Full of tiny holes or spaces; easily penetrated by gas or liquid.
adj. Lacking substance, flimsy.
n. A condition of feeling sad, bored, or sluggish. (plural)
v. To place (power, etc.) in some person or group.
adj. Generous, unselfish, or forgiving.
adj. Showing interest and care; concerned.
n. A person new at something; a beginner.
adj. Very distressing or acutely painful.
adj. Skillful in the use of hands or mind.
adj. Believable; reliable.
n. A feeling of embarrassment or annoyance caused by having failed or being disappointed.
n. The popular fashion of the time, wide acceptance or favor.
adj. Expressed clearly and in few words; concise.
adj. Possible to understand or realize; not vague or uncertain.
v. To criticize or express disapproval of.
adj. Acting in an arrogant, domineering way.
v. To lie at rest.
n. The quality of great age.
adj. Lacking density; thin.
adj. Dulled or wearied by excess or overindulgence.
n. A person with great skill in some art, especially music.
n. A very slight change in feeling or meaning; a gradation.
n. A methodically and thoroughly written discussion of a topic.
adj. Having to do with trees or wooded areas.
n. A split or crack.
n. A false or mistaken idea.
adj. Usable.
v. To change the form or appearance of.
adj. Too evident to be doubted; unquestionable.
adj. Done with great skill and dash.
v. To supply the money for; to pay.
adj. Hard to describe because of a lack of distinctive qualities or features.
v. To make clear; to reveal.
v. To examine with great care.
n. A state of rest or relaxation.
adj. Playfully or inappropriately humorous.
n. An act of consciously choosing or deciding.
n. A style of clothing; costume.
v. To offer for acceptance or consideration.
n. Apprehension; dread.
adj. Very destructive or harmful.
v. To cling to or be faithful to.
v. To damage, weaken, or lessen.
adj. Moving with quickness and ease; lively.
v. To cause to feel unease.
adj. Capable of being done; feasible.
n. A break in friendly relations.
v. To make helpless or incapable.
adj. Going out of use; becoming obsolete.
n. A person who shows remarkable talent at an early age.
n. The internal organs of the body. (plural)
n. A very large number.
v. To split with force or a sharp instrument.
adj. Showing exceptionally early development of abilities.
v. To feel or express sorrow or compassion for; to sympathize.
adj. Not affected or disturbed by.

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