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Forced Order
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These plays usually contained yugen or mysteriousness
Part Two: Name the Dynasty in which the event occurred Treaty of Kanagawa opens Japan
This Yi ruler of Korea directed the development of the Korean alphabet in the mid-1400s. He also created a new Korean script supported Confucian ideas and science
This man stopped his conquest of the West because a kingdom near China rebelled against him and he needed it to be punished
This family married into the Yuan families
This man attempted to conquer Java, Burma, and Japan
Which did not help create a centralized feudal system in Japan? Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunada, Meiji, or Toyotomi
Japanese nature spirits
This shogunate was the last in Japan
This man's success was due to uniting scholar officials and the White Lotus against the Yuan, as well as the Yuan loss to the Japanese and the help of Tamerlane
A poet who was stressed that religion was from within and was thought of as a saint by both the Hindu and Muslims
This country's written language does not have letters, but has thousands of individual characters that each represent a full word, and was used by Korea and Japan
His court included people from many different cultures including the Polos
This man offended Genghis Khan and was the cause of Genghis's conquest of Central Asia
Tokugawa Ieyashu defeats the last rivals at Sekigahara
This was the first Ming emperor and restored the examination system (Zhu Yuanzang's emperor name)
This man started the Choson dynasty
This man was a judge for Muhammad bin Tughluq
Korean alphabet developed under King Sejong
This man conquered the Jin and took Taifeng decided to tax them instead of kill them
The first and only female Sultan of Dehli
One of these three countries never attacked Korea: China, Vietnam, Japan
This group were steppe horse nomads who were known for their use of small bows from horseback and lived in tents
This guy didn't tear down mosques to build Hindu temples (I guarantee no one will get this except for one guy who happens to be taking ALGEBRA)
This man was born into a poor family that died from the Black Death, joined a Buddhist monastery, and started a Chinese dynasty
Local lords that commanded warriors in Japan
These shoguns built a good relationship with China by presenting themselves as kings, respecting the emperor as a son of heaven, supporting the Ming in a civil war against the Mong
Tale of Genji written
This man had a tea garden, was a Zen master, and thought that tea was a secret to long life
Genghis Khan (I'm getting lazy)
Powerful general who basically controlled the Japanese emperor, therefore controlling the empire
Minamoto Yoritomo becomes shogun
This group helped Genghis Khan fight the Jin because their Liao dynasty was destroyed by the Jin
This was the childhood name of Genghis Khan
The Mongols discovered this dynasty's many treasures including boats with catapults and also found that their horses were not as effective in Southern China and needed to use Chine
This guy's army was organized on a decimal system and strict discipline
This man was a Muslim eunuch who was trusted by the Ming emperor and was made the admiral of the treasure fleets
This man thought that China should not conquer outside lands and tried to eliminate corruption. He also became cruel as he grew older
Battle of Marathon in 490 BC
Sultanate of Dehli founded
Kingdom of Silla unites Korea
This sect of Buddhism believed that the Buddha of the future (Maitreya) would destroy evil
This man's conquest included the entire Jin empire
Elite Japanese warriors
A Japanese family that controlled the shogunate until 1338 AD
This country's printing was the first to use movable type as a standard method
Author of The Travels, an account of his own journey to China. Some call this book the book of a million lies
This country's war with the Mongols created a crisis because it made the daimyo and shoguns unhappy with the Hojo regency

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