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Created the laws of universal motion and gravity
'Earth centered' theory of universe
Study that uses carefully conducted verifiable experiments to test understanding of the world
Described the circulation of blood through veins and arteries
The argument that the king is chosen by God to rule
Used a telescope to accurately measure movement of planets to prove a heliocentric universe
French king who said, 'Paris is well worth a mass!' when he converted to Catholicism from being a Huguenot
Treaty that recognized Switzerland and the Netherlands as independent countries and settle the 30 Years' War
Stuffed tiger, Wrote a logical argument to support a powerful government in The Leviathan
Famous for the line, 'I think, therefore I am,' starting his argument beginning with doubt
Political party that wanted a strong Parliament over the king
The period of time Charles II came to the throne
Supporters of the king in the English Civil War, Cleveland's terrible basketball team
The decisive battle in the English Civil War
King of England when JAMEStown was founded
Powerful company that controlled trade to Asia
First Stuart KING of England
Absolute monarch who ruled France for 72 years and said, 'I am the state'
Political party that supported James II at first
Claimed the Mississippi for France, popular high school among HPA graduates
Means 'you shall have the corpse' and says that the government cannot lock someone up unless a crime has occurred
Acts created to regulate trade with countries outside of England and control trade with the colonies
Puritan farmer that became the wart-faced leader of the Roundheads in the English Civil War
King's capital during the English Civil War
Site of a battle fiasco for the Roundheads in the ECW. Their plan to split forces to surround the Cavaliers failed
Commander of the Royal army during the English Civil War. He was the King's nephew
General in charge of the New Model Army after Cromwell accidentally locked himself out of it

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