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Can you name the F1 drivers, teams and flags of the 2013 season

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3 letter name
His first win was the Malaysian GP in 2003
Always carries round speedy gonzales
In a relationship with swimmer Emilia Pikkarainen
It's all about the energy drink
The silver arrows
A Russian F1 team
Barrichello's suspension spring hit him
Won the British Formula Three Championship in 2010
Slow moving vehicle on track
He was born in Geneva
Lived most of his youth in Monaco
End of race
Unsporting like behaviour
Won his first race at the Italian GP in 2008
Swiss F1 team
Was the fastest road car on 31 March 1998
The F1 team are abbreviated to STR
Originated from Jordon F1 team
The prancing horse
Won the Barcelona GP back in 2012
Being lapped
He was convicted for assault
The number one Australian
Slippery track surface
All Clear
Won the championship with Brawn
Won the 2008 FBMW Europe championship
Session has been stopped
Incident or danger ahead
The number one Spaniard
The tallest driver in Formula One
Won the 2008 championship
grandnephew of Lucien
His first Formula One race was at the British GP in 2011
2 manafactures come together to make one
Comes from Netherlands
Debuted at the Argentinian GP in 1978
A Malaysian-owned F1 team
The Scotsman of Formula One
His brother races for RML in the WTCC

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