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Can you name the six-letter words in this optimistic word ladder?

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Clue6-Letter Word
Medal for the runner up
One who finds the solution to a problem
Alloy to fuse the joint between metal objects
Something to file away
More affectionate
Have a feeling of curiosity or doubt
Move about with no destination or purpose
More pallid
One who (ironically) forbids the use of flags
Barred or prohibited
Pounded, as on the door
Plugged with a cork or stopper
An elasticized cord
Perform or work clumsily
Land covered with dense tropical vegetation
Make a tinkling sound
Cause a prickly, stinging sensation
Make slight, sharp, metallic sounds
Clue6-Letter Word
Touch lightly so as to produce a tingling sensation
Seize and throw to the ground
Cut or chop roughly
Harass a speaker
A frame used in making paper by hand
A statistical interval
State the meaning of
Free from impurities
Express discontent
The taking of property by force
A narrow, steep-sided valley
Irrational, incoherent speech
Be in possession of
Gathering, as bees
A means of subsistence
Interior covering

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