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What year was the movie released?
Which British actor played Ebenezer Scrooge?
Which Muppet played Bob Cratchit?
Which Muppet played Emily Cratchit?
Which Muppet played Tiny Tim?
Which Muppet played 'Fozzi'wig
Which Muppets played Jacob (and Robert) Marley?
This movie was based of a classic novella by which British author?
What was the name of the second ghost who visits Scrooge? (Jacob and Robert Marley were the first ones!)
The third?
The fourth?
Finish the quote: Light the lamp, not the _______
Finish the quote: God bless us, ________
Name some of the things Emily Cratchit calls Scrooge at Christmas dinner.
Which Muppet played #8, or the Narrator?
Which Muppet played himself (he was there for the food)
Which Muppet Show guest star was involved in writing the songs for the movie (hint: Season 1)
Finish the quote: Mother always told me to never eat ________ food
This movie was dedicated in loving memory of these two classic Muppeteers. Name one.
Finish the quote: Our ______ are frozen!
What song was a 'deleted scene' in the original theatrical release and is not in the Blu-Ray edition of the movie (but appears on the VHS and DVD copies of it) ?
Which country singer sang the 'pop version' of that song in the end credits ('Independence Day' and 'My Valentine' singer)
What was the name of Scrooge's love (shares her name with a character from Beauty and the Beast)
What are the names of the female Cratchit children?
What was the name of the male Cratchit child (NOT Tiny Tim)

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