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'TREE' Words
To advance, To move quickly 
The main course of a meal 
A form of public transportation, also known as a trolley 
A small structure built in the branches of a tree, especially for child's play 
A foot-shaped device used to maintain a shoe's shape 
A road separate from the main thoroughfares, or a word describing boys that are 'Larger than Life' 
A fruit found in Europe and Asia, often used in jelly 
A tall light used to illuminate roads at night 
'LIFE' Words
The central portion of a person's life, sometimes accompanied by a crisis 
A boat, often mounted to a larger ship, used to rescue lives in the case of distress 
The existence of the soul after death, as believed by some religions 
Undomesticated animals in their natural habitat 
The habits and customs of an individual or group 
To increase or grow in number 
One who prevents swimmers from drowing 
The average length of time an organism lives 

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