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MCAT Biology: Mitosis & Meiosis

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Phase of Meiosis in which crossing over can occur
During Meiosis, this is the short rest period that may occur after Telophase I
The main protein in control of arresting the cell cycle until damaged DNA has been repaired
Phase of mitosis in which chromatin is condensed into chromosomes and the nuclear membrane dissolves
Describes cells containing two copies of each chromosome
Phase of mitosis in which the nuclear membrane reforms around each set of chromosomes and the spindle fibers begin to disappear
Which round of division, Meiosis I or Meiosis II, is most similar to Mitosis?
Phase of mitosis in which chromosomes align at the equatorial plate
General type of cell that divides by mitosis
After replication in the S stage of the cell cycle, each chromosome consists of two identical _____ bound together
What is the ploidy of the daughter cells created in Meiosis II?
The longest part of the cell cycle; Time in which the cell grows and DNA is replicated
The human genome consists of ___ homologous pairs of chromosomes (number)
The splitting of the cytoplasm into two new daughter cells
Protein structures located on the centromeres where spindle fibers may attach
Phase of mitosis in which centromeres split and chromatids are pulled toward opposite poles of the cell
Meiosis results in up to how many new cells?
This stage of the cell cycle is an offshoot of G1 in which the cell simply serves its function without preparing for division
What is the ploidy of the daughter cells created from Meiosis I?
Process in which homologous chromosomes come together and join

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