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What happens in spies chapter 5?

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what is the 'familiar shifting sound' that older stephen hears when hes turning onto the close
why did stephen and keith test the echos in the tunnel
how does stephen describe the cottages
whats beyond the farm
what is the substance on the walls of the tunnel
what 2 things does stephen describe as Mrs Haywards camouflage
who is in front as the boys go through the tunnel
whose idea was it to go through the tunnel
what is the first idea that stephen suggests once they get through the tunnel
what does keith announce his mothers doing
what does keith think his mom is assembling
what symbol does keith think his mother puts in the diary every time the special train comes
what is it keith and stephen find hidden on the other side of the wire fence
'what does Mrs Hayward take from the box
what do keith and stephen find in the box
what symbol is written on this object
what does stephen say about the kiss in his dream
stephen says you get tested 10 times a day if...
what object of barbra berrills 'offends' stephen
what does stephen think a privet is at first assosiated with when barbra berrill asks him
when stephen goes in depth about describing what barbra berrill is wearing and doing what does it make the readers think
whose two smiles is stephen comparing when he says 'this one so large and unruly, that one so small and discreet, and yet as sharp as he end of a sharpened blade'
what does barbra berrill first suggest keiths mother is doing
what is the second thing she suggests
what was said to come to auntie dee's house at night
what does keiths mother bring to stephen in the hideout
what does Mrs Hayward say to stephen about keeping their talk a secret

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