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Frist Lyrics^_^Song Title
some people laughthe heart never lies
been having doubts now for a week or twoeasy way out
she walked in and said she didn't want she left me
went out with the guysthat girl
cant stop sorrys not good enough
did the best that i coulddown goes another one
i look into the skysilence is a scary sound
when my parents out of townsaturday nite
kicking off the hardest partthe end
life isnt fair one for the radio
everyday feels like a mondayfalling in love
wish i could bubble wrap heart in case i fallbubble wrap
the sun is in the sky and its going to be a glorious dayeverybody knows
yesterday i asked you something i thought you knewall about you
the world would be a lonely placeive got you
sleeping through the day cause i work all nightfriday night
tell me that you love me babyi wanna hold you
anne boleyn she kept her tintransylvania
life is getting harder day by daynot alone
you and i have got a lot in commonjust my luck
little joanna's got big blue eyes little joanna
Frist Lyrics^_^Song Title
i think yesterday and all the times i spent being lonely the way you make me feel
would you hate me if i dont believe youforget all you know
when everything is going wrongill be ok
when youre down and troubledyouve got a friend
two years awaymemory lane
well i met this girlmet this girl
i knew that when i saw her babys coming back
hey!star girl
i never meant the things i said to make you crytoo close for comfort
live your life as you pleasedont wake me up
im too far gone, its all over now and you cant bring me downignorance
in the day we sweat it out on streetsborn to run
you better run for coverlies
tonight im gonna myself a real good timedont stop me now
listen! we got a situationwe are the young
its only been a daylonely
i wonder what its like to be loved by youwalk in the sun
it hasnt been the best of daysthe guy who turned her down
we ran past strawberry fields andno worries
everything she says to me means nothingnothing
i feel live ive been here once beforehypnotized
Frist Lyrics^_^Song Title
one by onedont know why
do do do do dooofive colours in her hair
you better stop dreaming of town called malice
the time has come to say goodbyethe last song
i met her in a club down in old soholola
the worst is overonly the strong survive
it was a tuesday afternoonsilence of the city
recently ive beenobviously
you dont have to have moneysmile
well you better get home, cause your daddys awakedown by the lake
everything was going just the way i broccoli
hes drinking cold corona the ballad of paul k
crashing into wallscorrupted
well its quarter to four were hanging out surfer babe
she was looking kind of sad and lonely get over you
this girl that moved just up the road from meunsaid things
nothing goes to planuntraviolet
i never thought that id be the one to say ive had enoughgoing through the motions
im getting tired of askingPOV
im a lover and not a fighterhome is where the heart is

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