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Can you name the Disney Films with these 3 Word descriptions?

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Forced Order
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Girl Freezes Stuff
Boy Never Ages
Rad Surfing Alien
Tons of Dogs
He's A Bear!
Boy Ditches Bear
Raised by Gorillas
Fish Has Legs
She Wakes Up
Inventor Time Travels
Man is Lady
Lying Wooden Guy
Mom Gets Shot
Fat Honey Bear
Lady Loves Monster
Judge Commits Genocide
Rich, spoiled dogs
Apple is Poison
The Shoe Fits
Freaky Looking Elephant
Orphan Orange Cat
Mouse Saves Queen
Hamlet with Lions
Greek Beef Cake
Chickens and Aliens
Inaccurate American History
Music With Animation
Cows Save Day
Disney's Black Sheep
Long Blonde Hair
Rich, spoiled cats

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