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Can you name the Big bang theory characters?

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Indian, has selective mutism, is an astronomer
Never actually shown her face, but deep raspy voice.
Jewish, wears turtlenecks, is an engineer.
Short, wears glasses, lactose intolerant, is a theoretical physicist.
Is crazy, from Texas, is a theoretical physicist.
Appears when Raj is in a bar bragging to random people about being in peoples magazine. _______ then turns around and says' Call me when you're on the cover!'
Short, catholic, blonde hair, waitress at cheesecake factory, targeted by a pharmacy company
Has a giant lisp, works at the university
Is a neurobiologist, got a monkey to smoke, socially awkward.
Head of the university, despises of sheldon.
InfoNamePlayed by...
Mother of 2 very successful children, and 1 Leonard
Waitress, from nebraska, blonde, is working to be an actress.
Sheldons mortal enemy(one of them, anyways)
Has been in relationships with Leonard and Howard, works at the university, worst enemies with sheldon.
lives in india, only shown on video chat, very rich, female
lives in india, only shown on video chat, very rich, male
Seen at the comic book store, he loves them sweatpants(not captain sweatpants)
Runs the comic book store... What else can I say
Doesn't always live in the U.S., but when she does, she constantly dates Leonard.
Believes in Jesus, has a mild Dr. Pepper addiction, mother of a crazy man!!!!

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