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to be hungry
no kidding/no way (not pas possible)
a dresser
a closet/cupboard
an employee
to do housework
a bed
a neighbor
a dishwasher
a view/sight
to compare
to take out the garbage
a shoemaker
a toaster
What's that/it for?
a microwave oven
to be right
a kitchen range/stove
to garden
to water (plants)
to have a drink
to be in a bad mood
to repair
a bathtub
an elevator
you're lucky
to cut
to put in order
to be cold
a refrigerator
to tinker/fix
to choose
a garage
to do laundry
a painting/picture
an iron
a washing machine
an advantage
to bring
a floor
a poster
a sofa
a wine seller
a table
to conserve
a fan
a lamp
the game room
to live (not reside)
to get the keys
a place
a worker
the bathroom
a shutter
a key
an appliance
to consider
those/the ones
a studio
a tenant
the formal living room
a teakettle/waterboiler
to vacuum
a large supermarket
to mow the lawn
to be thirsty
to hear
to pay
the bedroom
not at all
the toilet
the ground floor
to sell
a hairdresser
own (my own) OR clean
a clock radio
a tennis court
in the suburbs
to be afraid of
to dry the plates
the living room/family room
to make an appointment
a building
a shopkeeper
to clean
a fridge
a coffeepot
an apartment building/highrise
to rest
to do the dishes
hard/difficult (not difficile)
to buy a map
to be sleepy
close by
a fridge/freezer combo
a furnished one-bedroom apartment
a coffee table
the roof
to make a decision
the yard/garden
near/nearby (not près de)
to be wrong
a buffet
a detergent
a tavern/pub
to be sad
to be ashamed of
to be angry
every week
a bedside table
to rent
to answer
to greet
a villa
a shower
to want (not vouloir/désirer)
a radio
the basement
I've no idea
to end/finish
a balcony
to take care of
to help/aide
a kitchen sink
to build
a mirror
a jewelry store
to iron
a police officer
the dining room
also, furthermore
an armchair
the suburbs
a ladder
a bookcase
to chat
to need
a dry cleaning store
the classfieds
a business
to sign a contract
to be happy
that's disgusting
a rug
some curtains
a broom
the fireplace
a cushion
to think about
to know (conocer)
to go shopping
a disadvantage
to demolish/destroy
a bathroom sink
a mail carrier
the stairs/staircase
to feel warm/hot
a pastry shop
to share
to boil
in a hurry
the kitchen
to pay the rent
a real estate agent
a customer
a laundromat

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