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Forced Order
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an avenue
a cell phone
opposite/across from
to sleep
to cross
a postcard
to see a play
a perfume store
to get oriented
the eggs
with lots of options
a bookstore
the price
a medication
a salesman
to park in a no-parking zone
to go grocery shopping
a library
to ask for
to stroll
to text/send a text
to forget
the lipstick
stuck/squeezed [into]
a park
at the time of
a station platform
a high school
the cotton
all together
a mosque
a grocery store
to turn left
the university
a hotel
to borrow a book
the makeup
a station [train/bus]
to deposit money
a traffic signal
to buy a gift
to go out
to take pictures
the perfume
to stop oneself
to take a train
a bore
the euro
to desire
the toothpaste
in the early morning
a bus stop
straight ahead
a necklace
a museum
to turn right
a style/model
a daisy
to travel by car
to eat with friends
a biscuit
a train car
a temple
to be patient
to get on a bus
near [to]
a church
city hall
to walk/go by foot
to manage/get along
a brand
the water
to send a letter
to do errands
to get out of a taxi
Which one?
to use a map
a cathedral
in front of
it is necessary
to obey a flashing sign
a shop/business [not magasin]
a post office
far [from]
a terrace
the heavy traffic
the public transporation
a pharmacy
the milk
a bank
at the same time
to rent a car
a cigarette
to drive
to look both ways
a store
to run
a postage stamp
in style
a flower
the wine
to save money
a newsstand
It's convenient
a department store
the orange juice
a taxi driver
to attend a show
a crowd
to window shop
from time to time
to see a painting
the quality
a primary school
to cost
rush hour
to sell
to wear a helmet
to obey the rules
a public square
a traffic jam
the subway
a detective novel
the street corner
a beer
to walk
a box
stationary/letter paper
the police station
I'll take two
the bread
to think about
a briefcase
an imported product
each time
to go someplace
a choice
to risk
to shop
to have fun [not rigoler]
all the time
a bottle

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