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What is Sheldon's middle name?
Sheldon refers to his Grandmother as..
What is Sheldon's occupation?
What can Sheldon not detect?
Which part of Texas is Sheldon from?
What did Sheldon and friends try to detect in The North Pole?
Sheldon's work is based on determining what?
How did Sheldon's Uncle die ?
Who does Sheldon have to tolerate from across the hall?
Sheldon makes fun of who for not having a P.H.D?
Who is Sheldon in a relationship with?
Sheldon's Sister is called ...
Where does Sheldon keep his money (50's)?
Sheldon's favorite superhero is...
What is Sheldon's IQ number?
Sheldon is surprised how good penny is at which game?
Sheldon's best friend is...
Which show is Sheldon angry about for being cancelled?
What does Sheldon think he is too evolved for?
What is Sheldon's catchphrase?
Who plays the role of Sheldon Cooper?
Which food does Sheldon eat on a Friday night?
Sheldon and friends each pay $200 for ...

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