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QUIZ: Can you name the bond movie by signature death?

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Forced Order
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The DeathMovie
Crushed by giant ice chrystal chandelier
Suffocated during sex
Depressurized to death in hyperbaric chamber
Bond's first kill
Drowned in a shallow swimming pool
Suicide via exploding air balloon
Killed by a laser beam in space
Bitten to death in Egypt
Sucked into a giant water fan
Killed by newspaper printing press
Shot with shark gun pellet, inflates, explodes
The DeathMovie
Painted to death in solid gold
Smothered in crude oil
Killed by 'three blind mice'
Strangled on train by his own garotte
Impaled by harpoon gun
Fed to killer parahnas
Bond's wife is killed
Killed in funhouse of mirrors
Wheelchair-bound enemy dropped into smokestack
Falls from cargo plane after bootlace is cut
Head chopped off by sawblade

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