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What is the name of the dog Carla replaces Rowdy with?
What is the name of the game the Janitor convinces JD to play?
What is the name of Dr. Cox and Jordan's Son?
Who guest stars as JD's girlfriend Julie?
What does Turk say he wants from Carla as a anniversary gift?
What does he say he will give Carla in return for Brinner?
What food related championship did JD win as a kid?
What is the name of the woman that the Janitor ends up marrying?
What is the Janitor's bunny/saltshakers name?
Who played JD's father in the show?
Hint Answer
How many doors does Elliot have knocked off her car?
What is Keith's last name?
What is JD's scooters name?
When JD is passed out drunk a group of gay men take him where?
What show does JD end up running on while in Vegas?
How many times was Turks engagement ring to Carla swallowed?
How many Sunday's off a year does Ted get?
The Todd hates what type of surgeries?
In season 1 JD is in the hospital on Thanksgiving for what reason?
Who does Turk battle for a spot outside where they both like to eat lunch?
Hint Answer
What cd did JD's brother Dan buy to try and impress Elliot?
What is JD's conscience portaryed as?
What is the Todd famous for wearing?
When Dr.Cox hurts his back who wheels him out on a stretcher?
What do you need to bring if you are staying over at Turk and JD's?
Where does the Janitor lock JD in an episode?
When a patient has a lightbulb in his butt what is Doug's idea to get it out?
What do Dr. Cox and Jordan find out from Ted after he realizes he made a paperwork mistake?
Who does Danni makeout with at Turk and Carla's wedding?
How big is the plot of land that JD buys to eventually build a home on?

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