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Who loses a tooth on the trip?
What is the babies name that they find?
Who does the tiger in the bathroom belong to?
'Is my hair cool like Phil's?' is said by?
How much money do they go home with at the end of the movie?
What kind of car do they drive down?
What is Phil's job in the movie?
What is Stu's job in the movie?
What game does Alan read a book for to try and win at?
What hotel/casino do they stay at?
Hint Answer
Where does Stu tell Melissa they are going?
Who did Melissa have sex with on her cruise?
What song is sung first after Doug's wedding?
Who plays black Doug in the movie?
What do they take a shot of before starting the night?
What does Alan say they are running around the desert looking for in his speech?
Where is Doug at the end of the movie?
Who got married while in Vegas?
Where did his granmother get the wedding ring from?
What song is playing when they first enter their hotel suite?

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