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Forced Order
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Superman's secret identity
Metropolis's finest reporter and Superman's soul mate
Superman's birth name
Superman's birth Mother's name
Superman first appeared in issue #1 of what comic?
What is Superman's home planet called?
What Kansas town did baby Kal-el crash to?
Who is Clark Kent's childhood sweetheart?
Who is Clark Kent's childhood best friend?
Clark moved to Metropolis to work for what company?
A radioactive rock from Superman's home planet that can kill Superman?
Superman gains his powers on earth because of what?
Jimmy Olsen works at the Daily Planet as what?
When first created, Superman did not have which of his iconic powers?
What color was Lex Luthor's hair before he went bald?
What is the name of Superman's headquarters?
Gossip Columnist for the Daily Planet who hates Supergirl
Kryptonian city abducted, shrunken, and bottled by Brainiac
Who killed Superman?
Superman's kryptonian cousin
John Henry Irons created this identity inspired by Superman
Jimmy Olsen signals superman using his...
Lois Lane's little sister's name?
Pursuer of Lois Lane with a skeleton of Metal and a Heart of Kryptonite
Which color Kryptonite causes Superman to mutate?
Supergirl's kryptonian name
Superboy was cloned by combining Superman's DNA with whose?
A magic powered superhero who resembles Superman, that often comes to blows with the Man of Steel
Superman was a founding member of which super team?
What is the name of Superman's dog?
Bizarro's cube shaped backwards version of Earth is called what?
Name of the Kryptonian dimension used as a prison
War criminal imprisoned in the Phantom Zone
Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet
Name of Brainiac's pet monkey
Superman's college mermaid girlfriend
Besides Kryptonite, Superman is also weak against what?
Superman's evil counterpart on Earth 3
Superman traveled to the 31st century to join what superhero team when he was a teenager?
Name of the mythical Kryptonian Superhero similar to Earth's Batman

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