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Raised by farmers after his planet blew up
Driven by vengeance after the death of his parents
Given a super serum and frozen in time
To this generation, she was chosen
Forensic Scientist struck by electric chemicals
Raised by farmers and mentored by an old hermit and taken to space
Bitten by a radioactive bug
Dog whose owner rides in a van and solves mysteries
Test Pilot given a ring by a dying alien
Raised by a grail obsessed archaeologist and followed in his father's footprints
Football star thrust into a space opera
Nerd with a computer put into his brain turned spy
Daughter of Police Commissioner dressed up for a party
Mutant worshiped as a goddess in her home country
1/2 Man 1/2 Vampire all bad-ass
Circus parents killed by mobsters
Parents killed by evil wizard and goes to a special school
Kid given a magic word by an ancient wizard
Time Lord banished from his home planet for loving earth
Accidently sent back in time after assassination of mentor
10 year old sent out into a world of superpowered monsters
Alien herald of a planet eater
Wrongly sent to prison and altered in a failed experiment
Radiation infested reptiles raised and trained by a rat
Norse God of Thunder
Given a cursed ring by his uncle
Immortal vampire makes up for past sins
Plumber takes mushrooms to fight a turtle-dragon
Android reprogrammed to save the past to protect the future
Sister abducted by aliens is obsessed with the supernatural and works for FBI
Older brother of a fraternal team of demon hunters
Got a Gamma-infected blood transfusion from her cousin
Son of Zeus completes 12 labors to atone for sins
Female warlord on a path of redemption
Given drugs as a little girl to allow her to travel between worlds, works with FBI
Chosen one to take out a computerized world
Demon brought to earth by Nazi Occultists
4 friends radiated in outerspace
Heir to the throne of Thundera and owner of the Sword of Omens
Molded out of clay and powered by Gods
Cambridge educated British Detective
Sisters created by lonely scientist in his basement by combining 4 ingredients
Rich playboy builds superarmor in a cave to save his life
Born in Riverside, Iowa in the far future, reprogrammed the no-win scenario Starfleet test to become captain of a starship
Latest in a long line of chosen elemental-kung fu masters
Galactic ex-superhero now hosts a comedic talk show
Masked spaniard determined to avenge the helpless with his swordsmanship

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