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Tusken Raiders' rideEpisode IV
Suave smuggler who betrayed the heroes to the EmpireEpisode V
Identity Leia takes when infiltrating Jabba's palace to free HanEpisode VI
Home planet of Han SoloExpanded Universe Fact
18-parsec route used by smugglers to avoid Empire attentionEpisode IV
Snow planetEpisode V
Who served as the genetic template for the Clone TroopersEpisode II
Red Squadron pilot whose malfunctioning ship was destroyed during the assault on the Death StarEpisode IV
What type of droid is C3PO?Mentioned in several films
Tatooine Crime Lord who put a bounty on Han Solo's headEpisode V
Anikan Skywalker was a jedi during what galactic war?Episode II
Simple Shepard like occupation used throughout the galaxy as an insultEpisode V (mentioned)
What did Luke Skywalker shoot into the Thermal Exhaust Port on the first Death Star to destroy it?Episode IV
Birth mother of Luke and LeiaEpisode III
Title of Wilhuff Tarkin of the Galactic EmpireEpisode IV
Adoptive father of Princess LeiaEpisode II (first appeared)
Padme's handmaiden who acted as a decoyEpisode I
Droid that helps pilot Luke's X-Wing to DagobahEpisode V
First Planet Destroyed by the Death StarEpisode IV
Luke's means of transportation on Hoth that smelled bad on the inside and outsideEpisode V

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