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Who was the Justice League's first chairman?
In what book did the Justice League first appear?
Who was the first villain the JLA fought?
Where was the Justice League's first headquarters?
Who was the first superhero to join the League after the original 7?
The JLA's main HQ was where?
The JLA had adventures with which superhero team from Earth-2?
Who was the JLA's 'mascot'?
Who was the first villain the JLA faced when they got their own comic in Justice Leauge of America #1
When the JLA refused to respond to a mission in Markavia, who formed their own team?
What is this team called?
Who was the first superhero to turn down JLA membership?
Who else also turned down Justice League membership before joining Batman's team?
At one point the JLA operated out of a warehouse in which city?
Which JLA original has been in almost every incarnation of the League?
Who founded the Justice League International?
What alien threat brought the JLA back together with a classic line up?
What villain possesses all the JLA's powers?
The evil Earth-3 doppelgangers of the JLA are the...
This younger member was the last to join the 'satellite era' of the JLA
When the JLA reformed in 1997 with a classic lineup, which Green Lantern joined in Hal Jordan's absence?
Which JLAer was killed by the villain Doomsday?
Which Leaguer's wife, Sue Dibny, was an honorary member of the League?
In the Tower of Babel arc, which villain turned Batman's emergency plans against his teammates?
What is the name of the recurring criminal group with a playing card theme?
Which villain tricked the JLA's 'mascot' into revealing the headquarters of the JLA?
Which female Leaguer was elected chairperson in the 2006 incarnation of the league?
What humorous and short lived version of the League was formed by reformed super villains?
Artist who created the Justice League?
Writer who created the Justice League?

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