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Abandoned as a baby and raised by a dolphin and a lighthouse keeper
Born on the battlefield to a blacksmith, quickly became a great warrior in Hyboria
Volunteers to take her sister's place in the arena of post-apocalyptic death sports
Young misfits who are united by a paraplegic psychic
Photographic memory was trained extensively by his his cop father as a boy, to become a fake psychic and real detective
Average lazy englishman ends up the hero of a comedic zombie apocolypse
Born a weak son of an alien warrior, was sent to earth to conquer, but his head was injured and he was raised by a kind old man
Son of marooned British nobility, was raised by an ape tribe
Alien teenager crashes to earth after her cousin
Civil War veteran is transported to Mars by Native Americans
10 year old boy finds an alien watch while camping
Russian girl raised by the USSR to become one of the world's greatest spies
Astronaut who crash lands on a planet run by primates
Son of a nymph, was dipped in the River Styx to become completely invulnerable in all but one spot and trained by Chiron the centaur
Daughter of a CIA and KGB agent, was recruited to join the CIA and found herself tangled in ancient prophecies
Retired officer of a futuristic LAPD who hunts and retires illegal androids called 'Replicants'
Wealthy playboy marooned at sea, leaned archery and decided to fight for the little guy upon his return to civilization
Brilliant young girl experimented on and turned crazy by scientists was rescued by her brother
Athenian hero sent into the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur and free Crete
Female cargo hauler who became to sole survivor when an alien invades her ship
Constantly confused space ranger
Witty and traitorous Pirate Lord of the 7 seas and captain of his infamous ship
Son of Poseidon in the 21st century discovers myths and gods are real and goes to camp
Speedy son of retired superheroes who hates hiding his powers
Son of the world's greatest superhero who follows in his footsteps in time to discover his dad is secretly there to take over earth

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