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Which Veteran Green Lantern crash landed on Earth and passed his ring on to Hal Jordan?
What is Hal Jordan's Job?
Hal Jordan's home city?
Who is Hal's boss, lover, and sometime enemy?
Hal's ex-mentor and greatest enemy?
Leaders of the Green Lantern Corps?
What attribute powers the Green Lantern corps?
What color were the Lanterns weak against?
Emotional Fear Entity that possessed Hal Jordan and drove him insane?
Who was Abin Sur's rings' second choice for the ring?
Home planet of the Green Lantern Corps?
Green Lantern Drill Instructor?
Big Headed Psychic envious of Hal Jordan's life?
Emotional Entity of the Green Lantern Corps?
Which Space Sector is Earth Located in?
Architect chosen to be Hal Jordan's Backup
Green Lantern Living Planet?
The Green Lantern Oath refers to which Universe shattering event orchestrated by Nekron?
First Attempt by the Guardians at creating a police force?
Torch Bearer of the Green Lantern Corps
Which Guardian of the Universe took a name and created the Blue Lantern Corps?
Where was Sinestro being moved to when the Red Lanterns intercepted him?
Planet in the Anti-Matter Universe Sinestro was exiled to and HQ of the Sinestro Corps?
What supernatural entity was Hal Jordan for a time before returning from the dead?
Protocol Officer of the Green Lantern Corps?
Who is fabled to be the Greatest Green Lantern and survive the destruction of the Corps?
Which Justice League member has Hal always been at odds with?
Half-Cybernetic internal affairs subdivision of the Green Lantern Corps?
What is Kyle Rayner's occupation?
Which ex-Green Lantern turned Red Lantern did Sinestro kill on Ysmalt?
Hal Jordan's family man younger brother?
Korugarian Late-wife of John Stewart?
Golden Age Green Lantern powered by the Starheart?
What college did Guy Gardner go to?
Love powered gem that has possessed Carol Ferris?
Hal's mechanic buddy?
Daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern and ex-girlfriend of Kyle Rayner?
Son of a Funeral Home owner and avatar of the Black Lantern Corps?
What is the name of Guy Gardner's bar?
From a family that has a history of serving as Green Lanterns
Alternate Pollice Force created by the Controllers, an offshoot of the Guardians of the Universe?
What Planet did John Stewart accidentally destroy?
Psychic Gypsy previously engaged to Hal and Guy?
Leader of the Red Lantern Corps?
Daughter of Sinestro and current girlfriend of Kyle Rayner?
Xudarian fish-bird Green Lantern who failed to save Krypton from destruction?
Which military branch was John Stewart formerly a member of?
Hal Jordan's best friend in the Justice Leauge?
What emotion powers the Indigo Tribe?
Where does Hal hide his power battery?

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