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Forced Order
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Batman's Alter Ego
Batman first appeared in issue #27 of what comic?
Who killed Batman's parents?
What movie did young Bruce Wayne see the night his parents were killed?
Who helped console young Bruce after his parents' death?
Batman's sidekick
What is the name of the partnership between Batman and Robin?
What is the name of the partnership between Batman and Superman
The first Robin's parents were acrobats known as...
Identity of the first Robin?
the Joker first appeared using this identity
Batman's nemesis and lover first appeared in Batman #1
Another one of Batman's infamous love interests who acted as a parallel to Lois Lane
Commissioner Jim Gordon created this device to alert Batman
Jim Gordon's daughter Barbara's secret identity?
Batman's friend the DA became his twisted foe
Villain's daughter who is the mother of Batman's son
The Joker killed this sidekick
Ra's al Ghul uses this to live forever
Wife of the icey supervillain determined to revive her
Batman temporarily quit the JLA to form this team
Batman's childhood friend,Thomas Elliot, became the bandaged villain...
In the arc Knightfall, this villain broke Batman's back
What did Tim Drake learn to prove himself worthy of being the 3rd Robin?
On a parallel world, Batman and Catwoman had a daughter who became the vigilante...
The first Robin adopted this persona...
Tim Drake's girlfriend Stephanie Brown is this hero
Gotham City's prison for the criminally insane?
Harley Quinn fell in love with the Joker when she worked as a...
Pamela Isley is this fatally attractive villain
Bruce Wayne's most trusted ally at Wayne Enterprises?
Batman's son and current Robin
Batman's infamous ride
Daughter of assassins that held the title of Batgirl
Batman's canine sidekick

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