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who were the two boys who kidnapped kim and janet?
Name the younger Drazen brother
Jack posed as what business man's limo driver in season 1?
Who played Jack's wife, Teri Bauer?
Jack ordered a fake kill on what terrorist's son in season 2?
The little girl kim protected from Gary was named?
Name the younger salazar brother.
Jack's partner and kim's lover was named? (first and last)
Tony was shot in the neck at what location?
what teenage boy was thought to have the cordilla virus but really didn't?
The father of the Araz family was named?
What was the name of the Hotel where the cordilla virus was released?
Tony's mug has what baseball team's logo on it?
List the seasons mandy was in using numerical order.
David palmer's cheif of staff in season 3 was?
The most hated character in all of 24 is?
Season 8: Jack bauer wanted revenge for who's death?
Omar Hassan's wife was named?
Season 7: What code words did Tony give Jack in the interrogation room to let him know he was working undercover?
Gael and adam were in what season?

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