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Literature that is the most important to read and study
Opposes the protagonist
Allows for two or more interpretations of a word, phrase, action, or situation
Universal symbols that evoke deep responses in readers
Doesn't change throughout the story
Undergoes some sort of change due to the action of the plot
Embodies one or two qualities that can be briefly summarized
Embody stereotypes
Struggle within the plot
Characteristic of a literary genre that is understood by audiences
Literary works do not yield single meanings
Turning point in the action that has a powerful effect on the protagonist
Informational diction
Verbal exchanges between two characters
Character suddenly realizes something about himself
Narrated scene that goes back in time
Character whose behavior contrasts with another character
Revealing what is going to happen in the future
Focuses on formal elements of a literary work
Uses I to tell the story
Has a different interpretation than the author's
Characterized by youthful innocence
All knowing narrator
Intrusion by the narrator in order to evaluate a character for a reader
Allows characters' actions to speak for themselves
Author restricts narrator to the single perspective of either a major or minor character
Emphasizes the interaction between histroical context of the work and a modern reader's understanding of the work
Opposes antagonist
Focuses on reader rather than the work itself
Point in a story when the protagonist's fortunes turn in an unexpected direction
Examines social elements that are manifested in literature
Anticipation of a reader or audience as to the outcome of the story

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