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This posthumously-printed book follows an aging author looking for one last work; the title is an homage to a James Joyce novel
A disfunctional family in the fictional town of St. Jude spend 'one last Christmas together'; this novel got attention for the author's refusal to participate in Oprah's book club
A boy named for a Czech writer flees an Oedipal curse while an atom bomb survivor communicates with cats (published in English in 2005)
This book deals with a range of Turkish social issues, especially the clash between secular and religious cultures and the symbolic power of headscarves (published in English in 20
A hermaphrodite's journey of self-discovery spans two continents and at least three generations
The narrator's close friend hides a plague in mass-marketed pills and genetically engineers a population of supposedly docile human-like creatures to take mankind's place
A US-born Indian boy, named for his father's favorite Russian author, comes of age as a child of multiple worlds
A Congregationalist minister shares the legacy of his father and grandfather, also both ministers, with his son
A brain surgeon's eventful day ends with a decision about operating on a man who had terrorized his family
A mixed-race family living in the US deals with the nature of beauty and the clash between liberal and conservative academic values
This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel describes a father and son moving through a bleak post-apocalyptic world
A conceirge, whose rough and prickly appearance inspires the title, is discovered as a secret intellectual (published in English in 2008)
This children's book, the final installment in a series, is notable as much for its cultural impact as for its story of a schoolboy battling the forces of evil
The final book featuring Nathan Zuckerman finds the protagonist back in New York, dealing with issues of aging and loss
A Dutch businessman's world is turned upside-down by the events of 9/11
An abandonded slave and others set up a non-traditional household
A Syrian-born man remains in New Orleans while is family flees Hurricaine Katrina; the original cover art pictures him canoing through flooded streets

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