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Voiced byCharacterRoll in Springfield
Dan CastellanetaFather of the Simpsons
Julie KavnerMother of the Simpsons
Nancy CartwrightSon of the Simpsons
Yeardley SmithDaughter of the Simppsons
James Earl Jones, Elizabeth Taylor and Jodie FosterBaby of the Simpsons
Harry ShearerResident at the Retirement Castle
Unvoiced3-eyed Fish
Julie KavnerAuntie to Mother of the Simpsons
Julie KavnerMother to Mother of the Simpsons
Julie KavnerSister to Mother of the Simpsons
Julie KavnerSister to Mother of the Simpsons
Harry ShearerNews Anchorman
Hank AzariaSpanish Sit-Com Actor
Harry ShearerBillionaire and owner of a Power Plant
Tom PostonBaseball Mascot
Hank AzariaDrunk and works at a Power Plant
Tress MacNeilleCrazy citizen that loves a particular animal (Meow)
Hank AzariaPublic schools Superintendent
Hank AzariaFat Nerd who has his own comic shop
Nancy CartwrightNerd at School
Hank Azaria80's Disco aficionado
Tress MacNeilleSchool bully
Doris GrauLunchlady
Hank AzariaA Mascot for Beer
Joe MantegnaMob Boss
Maggie RoswellChristian Family Mother
Harry ShearerChristian Family Father
Pamela HaydenChristian Family Son
Nancy CartwrightChristian Family Son
Hank AzariaCrazy Professor
Dan CastellanetaDrunk
Dan CastellanetaUnsuccessful Salesman
Voiced byCharacterRoll in Springfield
Harry ShearerSells Military Antiques
Harry ShearerDoctor
Phil HartmanCheap Lawyer
Dan Castellaneta and Harry ShearerA Bloody Cartoon
Pamela HaydenSchool Bully
Harry Shearer and Dan CastellanetaAliens
Nancy CartwrightSchool Bully
Marcia WallaceSchool Teacher
Dan CastellanetaTV Clown
Tress MacNeilleReal Estate Agent
Harry ShearerDrunk who works in a Power Plant
Maggie RoswellReverend's Wife
Harry ShearerReverend
Hank AzariaMake and Sells Pizza at an Italian Restaurant
Beverly D'AngeloCountry Singer
Pamela HaydenDoll
Harry ShearerSchool Bus Driver
Hank AzariaCaptain of the Seas
Alex RoccoPresident of Itchy & Scratchy Studios
Phil HartmanActor
Dan CastellanetaMisfortunate Random Man
Harry ShearerPsychotherapist
Nancy CartwrightSchool Bully
Ron TaylorBlues Singer
Hank AzariaOwns Kwik - E - Mart
Jan HooksOwner of the Kwik - E - Mart's Wife
Tress MacNeilleCorporate executive
Dan CastellanetaHelicopter Reporter
Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta)TV Cartoon extra Character
Danny DeVitoFather of the Simpsons Half Brother
Pamela ReedNeighbours to the Simpsons
Russi TaylorSchool Nerd
Voiced byCharacterRoll in Springfield
Dan CastellanetaMayor
Harry ShearerComic Book Hero
Dan CastellanetaPhilanthropist
Hank AzariaCheap Doctor
Frank WelkerFamily Dog
Russi TaylorSchool Twins
Kelsey GrammerCriminal and Ex - TV Clown's Sidekick
Dan CastellanetaCurrent TV Clown's Sidekick
Dan CastellanetaFather to Father of the Simpsons
Glenn CloseMother Father of the Simpsons
Tress MacNeillePrincipal's Mother
Harry ShearerPrincipal
Harry ShearerBillionaire's assistant
Hank AzariaJailbird
Frank WelkerFamily Cat
Harry ShearerFounder of Springfield
Hank AzariaYokel
Tress MacNeilleYokel's Wife
Hank AzariaOwner of a Bar
Hank AzariaBoxer
Dan CastellanetaTV Clown's Monkey
Russi TaylorGerman Exchange Student
Hank AzariaFather to Best Friend to Son of the Simpsons
Maggie RoswellMother to Best Friend to Son of the Simpsons
Pamela HaydenBest Friend to Son of the Simpsons
Hank AzariaChief of Police
Nancy CartwrightCheif of Police's son who eats glue
Dan CastellanetaScottish Janitor
Harry ShearerActor (McBain)
Jon LovitzEx-Boyfriend to Mother of the Simpsons
Maggie RoswellSchool Teacher (not in alphabetical order)

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