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Can you name the Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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AppearencesCharacterPortrayed by
1Sam Rockwell
1William Hurt
2Jeremy Renner
1Frank Grillo
2Toby Jones
2Joshua Dallas/ Zachary Levi
3Terrence Howard/ Don Cheadle
1Ben Kingsley
1Damion Poitier
3Chris Hemsworth
1Jeff Bridges
5Robert Downey Jr.
1Hugo Weaving
1Colm Feore
6Samuel L. Jackson
1Neal McDonough
3Tom Hiddleston
2John Slattery/ Dominic Cooper
2Rene Russo
2Idris Elba
1Mickey Rourke
3Jon Favreau
4Clark Gregg
2Jaimie Alexander
1Tim Roth
3Stellan Skarsgard
AppearencesCharacterPortrayed by
2Cobie Smulders
4Gwyneth Paltrow
1Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
1Shaun Tobb
1Stanley Tucci
2Natalie Portman
1Christopher Eccleston
1Anthony Mackie
1Rebecca Hall
1James Badge Dale
1Ashley Hamilton
2Sebastian Stan
1Emily VanCamp
1Hayley Atwell
2Anthony Hopkins
1Tommy Lee Jones
2Kat Dennings
1Liv Tyler
3Chris Evans
2Ray Stevenson
1Ty Burrell
4Paul Bettany
2Edward Norton/ Mark Ruffalo
1Guy Pearce
3Scarlett Johansson
2Tadanobu Asano

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