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What is the name of the pub shown during the opening credits?
Willie: 'I've been to prison once. I've been _______ twice.' (7)
Willie: 'You wanna see some magic? Here, let's _____ ___ _________.' (5, 3, 9)
Marcus: 'Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph. You ______ yourself.' (6)
What five digits does the mall cop press to set the alarm?
How many seconds does Marcus have to disarm the alarm?
Marcus can't reach the alarm himself, so what does he press the button with?
Marcus: 'I'm going back upstairs. I need a melon baller and a ______.' (6)
Marcus: 'I weigh __ pounds, you dick.' (2)
Willie: 'I could quit drinking and run the place, and maybe marry a ________.' (8)
What city does Willie move to, with plans to open a bar?
What is Willie eating while he's watching the girls play volleyball?
What song plays on Willie's alarm clock before he smashes it?
Willie's answering machine: 'This is _______ Axelrod. You ran into my car last week.' (7)
What city is Willie's and Marcus' next heist in?
In the parking lot, Willie throws an empty bottle onto what brand of car?
What is the last name of John Ritter's character? Bob ________ (8)
Willie: 'Are you saying there's something wrong with my ____? Is that what you're saying to me? (4)
What is the last name of Bernie Mac's character? It can be seen on top of the desk in his office. Gin ______ (6)
Bob: 'But thin fingers. Not the...___ _______ fingers.' (3, 7)
After the kid eating ice cream sneezes on Willie, he asks for what fictional video game?
Kid: '_______ Stick car.' (7)
What does the skateboard kid throw at Thurman when he gets off the bus?
What is the name of the department store Willie and Marcus work at in the mall?
Willie: 'I said ____, goddamnit. This is not the DMV, all right?' (4)
Thurman: 'How'd you get sick?' Willie: 'I _____ _ _____ ___ _____ _____.' (5, 1, 5, 3, 5, 5)
Thurman: 'You are really Santa, right?' Willie: 'No, I'm an __________. I wear this ****ing thing as a fashion statement, all right?' (10)
Willie: 'Why don't you get going? You'll be late for your Wizard of Oz _____ ___ _____.' (5, 3, 5)
Sue: 'It's like some deap-seated childhood thing.' Willie: 'So is my _____ ___ ____.' (5, 3, 4)
Sue: 'I like you. Don't ________ that suit.' (8)
Hindustani Troublemaker: 'You're as queer as a ___ ______ ____.' (3, 6, 4)
What street does Thurman live on?
What is Willie's license plate number?
Thurman says his dad is on an adventure doing what?
Thurman: 'She lives in God's house with Jesus and Mary and the ghost and long-eared donkey and Joseph and the _______ ______.' (7, 6)
Willie: 'Is Granny ____?' (4)
Grandma: 'Let me fix you some __________.' (10)
Thurman: 'Need money to fix your ______?' (6)
Willie: 'You ain't gonna **** right ___ _ ____.' (3, 1, 4)
Willie: 'But as far as I can recall, I've never __________ anybody.' (10)
Bob: 'This is not a handicap thing. I have nothing against ___ ______.' (3, 6)
What does Marcus take from the desk as he's leaving Bob's office?
Marcus: 'You promised no arcades. You said you'd only ______ Big & Tall.' (6)
Marcus: 'Ever hear of the ____ ______ law?' (4, 6)
What is Gin eating during his meeting with Bob?
Thurman: 'I want a _______ ________ - a pink one.' (7, 8)
Willie: 'Does everything with you have to be a ****ing ____?' (4)
Willie: 'Jesus Christ, kid. Watch ___ ____.' (3, 4)
Willie: 'What are you, Sigmund _____-___ ****ing Freud?' (5, 3)
Gin: 'Get on out of here. Get! Happy _______.' (7)
What board game do Willie and Thurman play?
Willie: 'You see, we don't celebrate Christmas around here, so... We're, uh... we're _______.' (7)
Sue: 'How long are you gonna be here?' Willie: 'What, on the _____?' (5)
What song plays when Willie rips up the advent calendar?
What is Thurman's dad's first name?
Gin: 'You're doing three to six for ____________?' (12)
Willie: 'A sandwich has two pieces of bread with a bunch of junk on it. It's like a _______.' (7)
Thurman: 'There's a _____ ____ in this one.' (5, 4)
Bob: 'No, of course not. I'm not advocating ________.' (8)
Willie: 'Is that your underwear?' Thurman: '____ __ __.' (4, 2, 2)
Thurman: 'I want a _______ named _____ for beating up the skateboard kids who pull on my underwear.' (7, 5)
Willie: 'No, he kicked my ass. You know why?' Thurman: 'Cause you went to the bathroom on _____'_ ______?
Gin: 'You, because of your ________ __________, you found a niche, and I respect that.' (8, 10)
Gin: 'I tell you how it's gonna be. This is ____ ____.' (4, 4)
Willie: 'Oh, really? Is that how you got the _____ ____?' (5, 4)
Marcus: 'You see us hanging off of ****ing trees like ****ing ____ ______?' (4, 6)
Marcus: 'So unless you got a ________ handy, maybe you should lend a hand, hm?' (8)
Gin: 'What'd you call me, thigh-high?' Marcus: 'I called you a ****ing ______ homo from the 15th ****ing century, you ****head.' (6)
Gin: 'You got some ___ on you, midget.' (3)
Marcus: 'Why don't you ____ ____ _____ ___ once in a while? ****!' (4, 4, 5, 3)
Willie: 'I beat the **** out of some kids today. But it was for a _______.' (7)
Marcus: 'You need many years of _______.' (7)
What present does Thurman give to Willie?
What is Thurman's last name?
What's in the advent calendar when Thurman opens it on Christmas eve?
Thurman: 'How much _______ do you want?' Willie: 'I don't know, the usual amount.'
What is the name of the safe Willie cracks at the end?
To obtain a scarf off of a mannequin, Marcus chops it down with what?
Willie: 'He's dead, huh? I didn't even know he ___ ____.' (3, 4)
Marcus: 'More _____, more ________, more ____-_______.' Willie: 'Sure, the three Bs.' (5, 8, 4, 7)
Willie: 'They didn't hit any vital organs. Just my _____, which is ****ed anyway.' (5)
Willie: 'That, plus everyone agreeing that the police shooting an unarmed Santa was even more ****ed up than ______ ____.' (6, 4)
What does the back of Thurman's shirt say?

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