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The stupid version of escape to witch mountain2009
Not Alexis Texas' movie....2009
'KEVIN!!!' 2009
Canines can apparently fly to the Moon2009
Hamsters are gross and not secret agents2009
Prince Naveen2009
Japan meets the Little Mermaid2009
Demi levato is not a princess2009
Robin Williams is old2009
Tink's hunting moonstones2009
Golden Retrievers help Santa2009
The second trip through the magic wardrobe2008
Senior Year2008
robots IN SPACE2008
Raven Symone+ Donnie Osmond= What were they thinking!!!2008
George Lopez + annoying taco bell dogs2008
John Travolta + Miley Cyrus2008
Peter Pan's bffl2008
Adam Sandler's stories come true2008
Innocent trip to the icecream truck apparently leads you to Alaska2008
Dinosaurs in the future?2007
There is not a magic land in your backyard2007
This time she's not covered in cinders2007
dog superhero2007
Jack's Back.....from the dead2007
Rats make french cuisine 2007
Dwanye Johnson is allergic to cinnamon2007
Mt. Rushmore is not a coverup for the city of gold2007
Buzz Lightyear is now in the house dog2006
Paul Walker gets lots of sled dogs2006
They tried to be like Madagascar... but failed2006
Jack's Back2006
There's football and Marky Mark2006
I wish my vehicle talked2006
Tim Allen+ Jack Frost2006
This time his mom doesn't get shot2006
Basketball+ Josh Lucas2006
Bears try to break amulets2006
The offspring of airbud2006
Lohan and Justin Long drive a really old car2005
The sky aint fallin yet2005
C.S. Lewis' 2nd novel2005
Ezma's assistant's new groove2005
Superhero high school2005
Zamboni drivers are not usually cute 2005
Vin Disel babysits2005
Sad day for the 'blue punch buggy' alien king!2005
Superheroes in Suburbia2004
The funny commentary of the Lion King2004
Stealing the Declaration of Independence is wrong- even if you have a good reason2004
Mickey helps Huey, Duey, and Louie at Christmas2004
Mia's getting married to Chris Pine2004
All for one and one for all2004
Dear Jackie Chan: You cannot fly around the world in a hot air balloon2004
How can we have Easter without the Easter Bunny?????2004
Cows on a farm 2004
The only disney movie with Megan Fox2004
It used to be a show on Saturday Morning 2004
Mr. Grumpy Gills2003
Horses in the Arabian Desert2003
Eddy murphy picks unfortunate vacationing spot2003
Watch out for that tree....again2003
Jamie Lee is Lindsay 2003
'You'll remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow2003
'This is what dreams are made of'2003
Pooh's best friend and his gargantuan film 2003
You dig these into the ground and so does Shia Labeuf2003
The one without Matthew Broaderick2003
Baloo's back2003
A person gets turned into a bear...with magic!!2003
Dennis Quaid + Baseball2002
planet of goods2002
Santa finds a wifey 2002
Immortal people2002
Creepy Singing bears2002
'Ohana means family and family means nobody get left behind.'2002
Cindy's back and remarkable keeps both shoes2002
Wendy's daughter doesn't want to grow up 2002
Cuba Gooding Jr. gets lots of sled dogs2002
Dogs play baseball2002
PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM. OR SO help ME! We're practicing for the work's new musical, Put that thing back where it came from or so help me! Yeah you know: (sings2001
There was an ice cream truck and the dad from Lizzie McGuire were involved.2001
'Please don't touch my soynuts'2001
Its the japanese horse movie 2001
Also known as the land bridge2001
The Spagetti and Meatball couple are back2001
Finster, No Summer, and Laserbeams Oh my!2001
a llama's fresh dance moves 2000
101 dalmations + 12000
Denzel and his team 2000
Daughter: Melody2000
Not an adult but...2000
They lived in prehistoric times2000
The sports dog is back for the 3rd time and he's playing soccer2000
Max goes to College2000

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