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Can you name the songs Brian May has written for Queen, not including those attributed to all 4 Queen members?

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Queen/At the BBCFirst Song as Band Queen (not including Deacon)
Queenw/ Tim Staffell
QueenLoose tribute to the Beatles ('Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds')
Queen/At the BBCB-side of 'Keep Yourself Alive'
Queen II (side white)Instrumental
Queen II (side white)May on Piano
Queen II (side white)'So sad it ends as it began'
Queen II (side white)First Queen song with May-only vocals
Queen II (1991 Bonus Track)Created during Smile years
Sheer Heart AttackNot the candy
Sheer Heart AttackMemory of touring with Mott the Hoople
Sheer Heart AttackCovered by Def Leppard in Yeah! album
Sheer Heart Attack'New York nightmare sounds' - May
A Night at the OperaEinstein's Theory of Relativity, 39th Queen Song
A Night at the Operalike I'm some kind of cheese
A Night at the Operawritten while ill
A Night at the OperaMay on Banjo, lead vocals
A Night at the Operaarr. from traditional, played on top of Buckingham Palace
A Day at the RacesMercury: 'Maybe he was in one of his vicious moods'
A Day at the RacesMay on a Burns Double Six 12 string
A Day at the RacesSocial justice piece on atrocities committed toward Native Americans
A Day at the RacesTribute to Japanese fans
News of the Worldstomp stomp clap
News of the WorldFollowing death of childhood pet cat
News of the WorldAmerican accent, inspired by Clapton
News of the WorldTapping technique before Van Halen
JazzThe original 'Baby Got Back'
JazzThunder credited to God
JazzTribute to Elvis
JazzMay on all vocals
The GameBass as lead instrument
The Gameback to my arms again
The GamePossibly about a breakup
Hot Space'Good morning, this is your wake-up call'
Hot Spaceanti-firearm song
Hot SpaceFourth appearance on 'Top of the Pops'
The WorksMay on vocals, revival of old sound
The Works'Give it to me one more time...'
The Works'So I ain't gonna go and see the Rolling Stones no more no more/I don't wanna go see Queen no more no more'
A Kind of MagicMovie Love Theme
A King of MagicThere can be only one...
The MiracleFirst appearance of double-kick bass drum
The MiracleIn response to tabloids
Made in HeavenAlso on 'Back to the Light' Album
Flash GordonSaviour of the universe
Flash GordonMay on every instrument (excepting rhythm)
Flash Gordon'All you have to do is save the world'
Flash Gordon'I know you love dancing'
Flash GordonInstrumental
Flash Gordon'The world's for your taking'
The Workswith Roger Taylor
Flash Gordonwith Roger Taylor
The Workswith Freddie Mercury
Made in Heavenwith Freddie Mercury
The Miraclewith Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor

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