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Which dynasty unified China in the 6th and 7th century?
The age of Chinese achievements
Japanese local authorities that developed their own military forces
India's most important gift to China
Buddhism entered China through the
Present day country where Axum was
Two most populated continents
River that Meroƫ civilization was located
Primary way to get food
Non domesticated animals in this region
Group of people originated in Nigeria and the Cameroons
Mansa Musa was the ruler of what African empire
The name for a large group of sub-Sahara African languages, and people using them
What was the main route in Africa during the 500-1500 period?
What part of africa was mostly involved in gold salt trade?
What was the first religion to take root in Africa?
Where was one of Christian areas in Africa?
Silk Road trade flourished again during what centuries CE?
What luxury good came to symbolize the Eurasian exchange system?
Where did buddhism flourish the most?
What was one major thing transferred through trade routes?

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