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Can you name the Celebrity Apprentice contestant by actual Jeopardy clue?

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This British-born boxer won the WBC heavyweight title in 1992
This Taxi actress had romances with 2 cast members & John Travolta
'The Senator's Daughter' is one of several thrillers by this daughter of the 'Teflon Don'
This 'King of Crunk' is not to be confused with Lil' Wayne
This Kiss frontman taught sixth grade in Spanish Harlem
After jumping from '21 Jump Street', she jumped into the arms of a pro football quarterback
In July 2005 Sandra Bullock wed this outlaw from 'Monster Garage'
She plays deaf pollster Joey Lucas on 'The West Wing'
This country singer married Lisa Hartman in 1991
On 'Rock of Love', this rocker's hair extensions don't scare the ladies away; quite the opposite
Don't duck the question: this comedian voices the Aflac Duck
Janet's big sis, she had an R&B hit with 'You're Gonna Get Rocked'
This comedienne recently sued a Vegas female impersonator for using her copyrighted jokes in his act
Star of 'The Usual Suspects' & 'Celebrity Big Brother'
This former NBA rebounding champ is nicknamed 'The Worm'
He came to L.A. to perform comedy & was soon 'Coming to America' with pal Eddie Murphy
This artist's 'Bat Out of Hell' album contained music originally intended for a Peter Pan project
Parts of her 'Electric Youth' video were filmed on the stage next to ours
In a 1986 'Circus of the Stars' this 'Falcon Crest' hunk tamed some tigers, not South American camel relatives
In 1975 she became the first model to get a second Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover
1 of only 2 Americans to win the men's figure skating gold medal since 1960
In 2004 this Sugar Ray frontman became the co-host of 'Extra'
He says that Gerry Rivers is not his real name but admits he was sometimes called Gerry as a kid
Learn to play poker like a pro from this pro in DVDs like 'Advanced Texas Hold 'Em Secrets'
In 1979 he got an Oscar nomination for playing Buddy Holly
He & his stepmother Shirley Jones sang leads on Partridge Family records
This performer's mother appeared in her 1984 video 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'
Her 1993 album 'Friends Can Be Lovers' features a duet with cousin Whitney Houston
This onetime member of 'The View' was once an assistant D.A. in Brooklyn
This first 'Survivor' winner was voted off his home & into a jail for failing to pay taxes on his winnings
Raw food author and former model; her last name is a keyboard command
She's been seen on 'ET', hosted documentaries on 'E!', & is now seen on 'Extra'
It's the name that finishes a brotherly singing trio: Nick, Joe & him
I'm glad I traded for this flamboyant receiver who went from Frisco to Philly in 2004
At age 28 in 1994, he was appointed editor-in-chief of News of the World.
On Feb. 28, 2000 this Yankee received a one-year suspension for violating MLB's drug policy
A fellow MLBer said of this 'juiced' author that, like Michael Jackson, he wore one glove 'for no significant reason'
Once a regular on 'A Different World' he had a 2010 comedy special subtitled 'Where U Been?'
This gymnast won a 2009 ESPY for best female Olympian
In 'I Love You, Man', Jason Segel gets put in a sleeper hold by this ex-'Incredible Hulk'
On Aug. 5, 1997 this U.S. sprinter won his record third straight world 400-meter title in Athens
In 2004 she co-hosted 'The Fashion Police' at the Academy Awards along with her mom
This 'American Idol' singer from Raleigh lost to Ruben in 2003
In 'Lilo & Stitch', she sang 'Aloha Oe'
This Olympic gold medalist traded in her swim goggles for hosting duties on 'Figure It Out' & 'NBA Inside Stuff'
In 1973 this former helmsman of the starship Enterprise ran for a seat on the L.A. city council
Both he & dad Mario are among the top 20 money earners on the Indy Car circuit
This 'Queen of Mean' is a regular on Comedy Central's roasts
'The Hammer' is a knockout film with this ex-'Loveline' & 'Man Show' host
Sinead O'Connor refused to perform when he hosted 'SNL'

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