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Wilt Chamberlain has is number retired by the 76ers, Warriors, Lakers and...?
What professional baseball team did Dave DeBusschere play for?
What is the largest margin of victory in an NBA game?
Yes or No Pau Gasol went to medical school?
What season did the NBA introduce the 3-point rule?
In 1946 what was the name for the NBA team Providence?
What is Ray Allen's first name?
Robert Parish played in what decade?
How many points per game did Wilt Chamberlain average in his rookie year?
What musical instrument did Vince Carter play in high school?
What Disney character does Tim Duncan have tattooed on his chest?
What was the name of Shaquille O'Neal's rap hit?
What player holds the record for most assists in a game?
Who was the smallest player in NBA history?
What was the name of Canada's first NBA team?
What is Kobe Bryant's middle name?
What teams did Bill Russell coach?
What player averaged a triple-double for an entire season?
What team drafted Chris Webber?
What team drafted Vince Carter?
Who was the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA draft?

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