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Forced Order
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Arachnophobia in the night
Attacks with potions and flies with a broom!
Beefs are from it
Arrows and arrows everywhere!
At first you think it's a fish, how can it attack
It flies and it is really little
Arachnophobia in a cave
Try to tame it and get a ride in a saddle
Kill it with fire and you will get cooked porkchop
A dragon!
Snow everywhere, but it's useful
Open and close doors
Flies and it is white in the nether
Don't look at its eyes!
Skeleton in the NETHER!!!!!
Looks like a green villager
Water and ink, combine it
In the nether, it attacks you if you attack it
Undead come back in your clothes
Iron and roses in a village, what is it
Can blow you up if too close
It is a creepy, fire looking man that flies in the nether
Looks like a cow, but isn't
You make it and then blows up like BAM!!!
Dog now, ____ was
Cat, meow!!!

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