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Can you name the Units of Measurement?

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Column 1
A type of maid 
The fig ones are the best 
A state of bemusement (homophone) 
A container for holding monkeys 
144? Thats disgusting!  
This energy drink goes to 11 
If you another serving of food, ask for this. 
What John Williams and Danny Elfman do 
If you made a B-rated movie about computer calculations, it would probably be called a this. 
This roadster has a magnetic personality... 
...and this one has an electric personality! 
What you should do to 3 to get 27 (homophone). 
To penetrate the meaning or nature of 
Competitor of Old Spice 
First name of a jazz trumpet virtuoso or a wide receiver for the Cowboys 
Not yours but... (homophone) 
Embarrassingly, I need to put this in my mouth quite often.  
Bradbury's or Moore's favorite unit 
Travelling this far won't take you 'to infinity and beyond,' but that's a good estimate. 
A Backstreet Boy's preferred unit of time 
This *sounds* like a great place to rent a car! 
'She's out of mine' 
Column 2
This type of cake goes best with strawberries... 
...but this type of cake is my favorite! (homophone) 
An ecstatic candy bar, or an early 20th century entrepreneur's first name 
If you're a Hindu, say it with me. 
The abbreviation for this unit is the same as the abbreviation for where I get my twenties.  
Don't be so immature! There's nothing dirty about conductance! 
Mexican sauce, or a mammal 
What Edward would never do to Bella. (homophone) 
No wordplay here: If your reading glasses are '+2.00' strength, what are the units of '+2.00'? 
Another name for your uncle's mother, perhaps? 
You might find this on a 'torta di compleanno' in Italia 
Many have a 'front' and 'back' version if this. 
A device for protecting a man's 'jewels' 
To a hunter, this has a shell; to a gardener, this does not. 
'The Emerald City,' when abbreviated 
First name of the author who took us 'Around the World' and to it's 'Center' (homophone) 
Millions of YouTube fans know that Charlie did this. 
Very small. 

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