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Release DateCharacterActor/Actress
November 27, 1920Douglas Fairbanks
October 29, 1937Alec Rod La Rocque
November 23, 1951George Reeves
July 30, 1966Adam West
July 30, 1966Lee Meriweather
March 12, 1974Cathy Lee Crosby
March 1977Tobar Mayo
September 14, 1977Nicholas Hammond
September 6, 1978Peter Hooten
January 19, 1979Reb Brown
June 5, 1980John Ritter
August 7, 1981Michael Crawford
February 19, 1982Ray Wise/Dick Durock
May 1984Mitch Cohen/Kenneth Kessler (voice)
July 19, 1984Helen Slater
August 1, 1986Jordan Prentice/Chip Zien (voice)
May 22, 1988Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno
May 22, 1988Eric Allen Kramer
October 5, 1989Dolph Lundgren
March 30, 1990Voices by Josh Pais/Robbie Rist/Brian Tochi/Corey Feldman
August 24, 1990Liam Neeson
March 18, 1991Jake Armstrong
June 21, 1991Billy Campbell
August 6, 1993Robert Townsend
May 13, 1994Brandon Lee
July 29, 1994Jim Carrey
August 19, 1994Damon Wayans
March 31, 1995Lori Petty
June 9, 1995Chris O'Donnell
June 30, 1995Sylvester Stallone
June 30, 1995Karan Ashley/Johnny Yong Bosch/Steve Cardenas/Jason David Frank/Amy Jo Johnson/David Yost
August 12, 1995Joan Severance
Release DateCharacterActor/Actress
May 3, 1996Pamela Anderson
June 7, 1996Billy Zane
June 20, 1997Alicia Silverstone
August 1, 1997Michael Jai White
August 15, 1997Shaquille O'Neal
January 16, 1998Joseph Mazzello/Alex Daniel/Arthur Burghardt (voice)
May 26, 1998David Hasselhoff
August 21, 1998Wesley Snipes
August 6, 1999Ben Stiller/Hank Azaria/William H. Macy
July 13, 2000Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan/Hugh Jackman/Famke Janssen/Halle Berry/James Marsden/Anna Paquin/Shawn Ashmore/Sumela Kay/Katrina Florece/Daniel Cudmore
September 22, 2000Rob Lowe/James Gunn/Judy Greer/Thomas Haden Church/Jordan Ladd/Paget Brewster/Barry Del Sherman/Jamie Kennedy/Kelly Coffield/Sean Gunn/Jim Zulevic/Mike Schwartz/Melissa Joan HartMichael Weatherly/John Doe/Brian Gunn/Lauren Cohn
November 14, 2000Bruce Willis
February 14, 2003Ben Affleck
February 14, 2003Jennifer Garner
April 24, 2003Alan Cumming
April 24, 2003Steve Bacic
July 11, 2003Sean Connery/Peta Wilson/Shane West/Naseeruddin Shah/Jason Flemyng/Tony Curran
March 30, 2004Ron Perlman
February 17, 2005Keanu Reeves
April 21, 2005Mark Stevens
June 10, 2005Taylor Lautner &Taylor Dooley
July 8, 2005Jessica Alba/Michael Chiklis/Chris Evans/Ioan Gruffudd
February 13, 2006Hugo Weaving
May 25, 2006Ben Foster
May 25, 2006Meiling Melançon
June 22, 2006Jason Connery
July 21, 2006Uma Thurman
August 11, 2006Tim Allen
January 15, 2007 Nicolas Cage
August 3, 2007Jason Lee(voice)
March 28, 2008Drake Bell
April 14, 2008Robert Downey Jr.
Release DateCharacterActor/Actress
April 14, 2008Clark Gregg
June 16, 2008Will Smith
December 25, 2008Gabriel Macht
February 23, 2009Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jackie Earle Haley/Malin Åkerman/Billy Crudup/Patrick Wilson
April 9, 2009Ryan Reynolds/Scott Adkins
April 9, 2009Taylor Kitsch
September 12, 2009Woody Harrelson
March 26, 2010Aaron Taylor-Johnson
April 26, 2010Don Cheadle
April 26, 2010Scarlett Johansson
June 18, 2010Josh Brolin
September 12, 2010 Rainn Wilson
January 10, 2011Seth Rogen
April 17, 2011Jeremy Renner
May 25, 2011Lucas Till
June 17, 2011Ryan Reynolds
March 13, 2014Sebastian Stan
March 13, 2014Anthony Mackie
March 13, 2014Emily VanCamp
March 13, 2014Aaron Taylor-Johnson
March 13, 2014Elizabeth Olsen
May 10, 2014Booboo Stewart
May 10, 2014Adan Canto
May 10, 2014Fan Bingbing
July 21, 2014Chris Pratt/Zoe Saldana/Dave Bautista/Vin Diesel(Voice)/Bradley Cooper (Voice)/Sean Gunn
April 13, 2015Paul Bettany
June 29, 2015Paul Rudd
February 8, 2016Brianna Hildebrand
March 19, 2016Jason Mamoa
March 19, 2016Ray Fisher
March 19, 2016Ezra Miller
April 12, 2016Chadwick Boseman

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