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The X-Men and Charles Xavier's arch-nemesis.
Batman's arch-nemesis.
The Fantastic Four's arch-nemesis.
Superman's arch-nemesis.
God-like foe of the Fantastic Four; his herald was the Silver Surfer.
His motivations are rather simple - conquer and control all life by unlocking and solving the Anti-Life Equation.
An immortal, international terrorist who draws eternal life from the Lazarus Pits.
This wicked, master manipulator Norse god is half-brother to Thor.
Jean Grey gone awry, she has been involved with ruining billions of lives.
Wilson Fisk ruled New York with an iron fist. Foe of Spiderman and Daredevil alike.
Pesky Batman nemesis with a bad scratching habit.
Batman villain who decides people's fates with the flip of a coin.
Antagonist of the first Spiderman movie.
Colorful nazi that killed Steve Rogers (Captain America).
Compared to an intergalactic Adolf Hitler, he is a dissenting Green Lantern.
This magically powered citizen of Kahndaq single-handedly instigated World War three.
Nemesis of Superman, collects cities and knowledge to gain power.
Blue shapeshifting woman, evilly associated with Magneto.
'I'm the __________ b****!'
Antagonist of Daredevil and made an appearance in the movie.
Killed millions to unite a world on the brink of nuclear warfare.
Featured villain from the movie 'Spiderman 3.'
Hank Pym. As he advances with technology, he always comes back; more difficult to defeat than the last time.
Wolverine, Hulk, Caliban and Sunfire, served as one of his Horsemen at one point or another.
That weird purple version of Superman.
AKA Marvelman, AKA Micky Moran, AKA Johnny Bates
Not to be confused with #67, he uses his powers in an attempt to slow down the Flash.
Lead villain in the 'Spiderman 2' film.
Enemy to the X-Men, saved Professor X from a gunshot wound by taking control of him.
Terrance Stamp. Supervillain to Superman.
Tried to replace Barry Allen as the Flash and killed his wife by vibrating his hand into her head.
A.k.a. Slade Wilson, nemesis of the Teen Titans and Batman.
Convinced the President that he was Superman's successor.
Camped out at the Batcave until Batman gathered all of Arkham Asylum's patients, breaking his back upon his return.
Nemesis to the Flash, he's one bright ape.
His genius is a product of a millennia of combat and warfare; a life spent defying boundaries and redefining what a threat really is.
'His speed is fueled by an ability to bend time itself.'
'The X-Men version of the Terminators.'
Archnemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Splinter.
Captured Captain America (who killed his father) but then blew it by falling into a vat of boiling Adhesive X.
Most notably a nemesis of Superman, but has also come close to defeating Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman as well.
Head of the infamous League of Assassins and has a crush on Batman.
Has a pair of wrist-mounted Colt .45s and is said to be the deadliest marksman of the DC universe.
Wolverine's evil counterpart.
Sidekick-slash-girlfriend to 'Mr. J.'
The only villain to have ever killed Superman.
Born on Titan, moon of Saturn, this foe of Iron Man attempts to destroy all life in the universe to woo Death.
Comic book version of Satan, his strongest ability is the power of manipulation.
Nemesis to the Flash, his unique brand of evil made a permanent mark on the DCU during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Twin to Charles Xavier?
Danny DeVito. 'Nuff said.
Like a kryptonite powered version of the Terminator.
Sergei Kravinoff defeated Spiderman and then committed suicide having fulfilled his lifelong goal.
Main antagonist to the Incredible Hulk in the 2008 film; Emil Blonksy.
Leader of the New York branch of the Hellfire Club.
'He also looks like Ghost Rider if Ghost Rider would be caught dead in something purple and red.' Biggest nemesis is Dr. Strange.
Spiderman nemesis, not to be confused with Norman Osborn's alias.
Leading villain in 'Batman Begins' played by Cillian Murphy.
Played by Jim Carrey in 'Batman Forever.'
Has no superpowers but is promoted to Secretary of Metahuman Affairs of the Suicide Squad by Lex Luthor.
This DC supervillain has the ability absorb energy, knowledge, and superpowers simply by touching another being.
Dr. Curt Connors turned himself into the scaly being he is.
A chemical reaction turns his skin green and his brain huge; operated on the Hulk to save his life.
Played by Uma Thurman alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Has no superpowers, but is a time traveling genius; nemesis to the Fantastic Four.
Earns his name from the scars surrounding his right eye; killed by Tulip.
Portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Batman & Robin'
Neil Galman is the creator of this biblical archenemy.
Major nemesis of Wonder Woman; has something in common with number 11.
Televangelist in favor of destroying all Mutants.
Father-in-law of Bruce Banner; 'discharged' from the military.
A reactor malfunction at a nuclear test site near a beach created this villain.
One of Batman's oldest foes, there have been 6 versions of this baddie.
Once a Confederate soldier, his hate literally causes Hell to freeze over.
Appeared in 'Kingdom Come', killed the Joker after he murdered Lois Lane.
Make him say his name backwards to banish him to the 5th dimension, where he came from.
Born Kevin MacTaggert, he named himself after a Greek god
Introduced in Daredevil, she shares many traits with Wolverine.
Nemesis of The Flash; the irony that he's a cokehead is lost on no one.
Not the same as the guy who brought the gift of fire to humans.
Chinese descendant of Genghis Khan; nemesis of Iron Man.
Coined the famous line 'Curses! Foiled again!'
Helped bring Hellboy to Earth, now resides in a tiny acorn.
Wears a suit that allows him to manipulate light for his own mischievous ends.
Mental man who opposes Spiderman whilst donning a fish bowl for a helmet.
A horde of zombies brings this political villain to his end.
Worked for an electric company until a freak lightning strike transformed him into a human capacitor.
An assassin; nemesis of Batman who parallels many of his traits.
Has a top hat and cane and can manipulate the shadows.
Spiderman and Venom have to ally to stop Cletus Kasady, a.k.a...
He's actually... Geppetto?
'Looks like a really pissed off cockroach.'
Of the Viltrumite race. Nice 'stache.
Fantastic Four nemesis a.k.a. Lord of the Negative Zone
What Arkady Rossovich lacks in arms he makes up for with tentacles.
Big red guy who has it out for the Justice League.
Proof you can be 3'10', fat, and balding and still have your own comic book line.
Once was a carny mentalist, he pesters the X-Men.
A green, scaly, Kakaranatharan menace.
Head is so big he's confined to a chair.

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